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What does it mean to give back?

At Matchbox, we have a mission of helping families thrive, and giving everyone tools for a nourished life. But how do we put that into action?

You may know us from the gifts you give to your mum for Christmas, the table you set for the family, the recipes you try on baking, or the lunches you pack for the kids on their first day of school. 

In every aspect, we aim to inspire and transform people's lives in meaningful ways. That vision continues through our proud partnership with i=Change.

Matchbox ♡ i=Change

We have partnered with i=Change since 2018, and thanks to them (and you, especially you), we have raised over $45,000 for our 3 chosen charities.

So today, we're taking you through how our partnership with i=Change works. Where it leads to, why it's important, and how you can shop & donate alongside us this holiday season.

How i=Change Works

i=Change is an online platform that enables us to give back to charities and life-changing development projects for women and children in Australia and around the world. 

From every online purchase, we donate $1 towards charities & programs that empower women and children.

1. Shop As Usual

It starts from when you take your time & browse through our products and collections. Add items to your cart and shop normally as you go.

2. Send Your Donation

Every sale that we make online — whether for Click & Collect or home delivery — contributes to a cause. After you make an order, the i=Change platform will appear at checkout.

You can then choose which of the 3 programs your donation goes to: Australian Food Relief, Women's Community Shelters, or the Australian Childhood Foundation.

3. Track Your Impact

See in real-time how much your individual purchase (and many others) has helped raise money and change other people's lives.

We are proud to partner with i=Change; their valuable work supports programs that empower women and children.

At Matchbox, we are passionate about making a real difference in someone’s life, and encourage our customers to embrace this opportunity to do the same.

Gift & Give Back | Protect Women from Violence | i=Change x Matchbox

Supported Charities

1. Protect a Woman with Women's Community Shelters

From sisters to spouses, from working mums to stay-at-home mums, we at Matchbox try to provide all we can to support women through our business.

One of our i=Change programs, in partnership with Women's Community Shelters, is dedicated to providing shelter for women to protect them from homelessness and domestic violence.

We have raised over $13,000 for this project alone. Every $50 raised provides a hot meal and safe, comfortable place for a night's stay. Especially during the pandemic, this work gives vulnerable women access to shelter and support networks, giving them a safe place to stay and a chance to rebuild their lives.

2. Feed Aussies in Crisis with Foodbank

The second program we contribute to is dedicated to fighting hunger in Australia and providing food relief for over 1 million Australians each month.

Especially as a kitchenware store, it's imperative that we raise awareness towards food insecurity, which is affecting more than 2 million adults across Australia. With Foodbank, every $1 raised provides 2 meals, which are given to communities within the country that are heavily impacted by food crises due to COVID-19.

We have raised over $14,000 for this program in the past 3 years, and are hopeful that this lasting change will continue further down the road.

3. Support a Child to Recover with Australian Childhood Foundation

Last but not least, in the Australian Childhood Foundation, our donations go towards providing counselling for children with lived experiences of domestic abuse.

We have raised over $10,000 and counting, and every $50 raised helps provide one-on-one specialised therapeutic counselling for a child who has experienced family violence or neglect.

When you choose to shop for change, you are also helping children within this program to heal, and be nurtured by trusted, caring people who help them learn that they are worthy of love and comfort. (And we want that for everybody.)


Shop for Change | Gift & Give Back | Shop & Donate | Christmas with Matchbox and i=Change

This Holiday Season, Gift & Give Back

On top of finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones, through the work of i=Change and your support, there are plenty of ways to send Christmas donations along the way.

If you're looking to shop local in Australia, you can also shop for change this year with Matchbox.

Every mother, child, and family deserves a safe and nourished life. Through shopping with Matchbox online, you're not only supporting local businesses, but also supporting powerful and life-changing charities that we are making a difference to, together.


We invite you to Gift & Give Back with us this holiday season.

You can order your gifts online to help support our i=Change charities.

You can also learn more about our i=Change partnership on


Thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Have a safe and joyous holidays.



The Matchbox Team

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