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It's hard not to swoon over designs that feel hand-crafted, natural, and organic. On top of that, here at Matchbox, we're all about supporting local artists and highlighting true Australian products. Which is why today, our feature is all about these gorgeous tea & coffee mugs by Ecology!

Founded in 2008, Ecology is well-loved as a unique Australian homeware brand, creating products deeply inspired by our surrounding ecology! Incorporating earthy tones and natural, fluid shapes and patterns.

This week we're looking at their most recent collection: Nomad by Ecology – a range of curated tea & coffee mugs that will keep you company as you enjoy your at-home brews. You might've seen the stunning warm-toned designs of Papaya, Amber, or Blush... but say hello to the new additions to our collection: Heartbeat and Rest!

Nomad Ecology Mugs Melbourne Australia Matchbox

Did you know? These Ecology Nomad mugs were designed in-house in Melbourne, Victoria by designer & illustrator Heather Piez during our lockdown in 2020!

Thankfully, the isolation led to inspiration — each design was created with 'a need for sensory connection' in mind, and it ties lovingly back to Ecology's ethos: The relationship between living things and their environment.

So what inspired these designs in particular?

Words on Heartbeat:

The heartbeat mug was designed as a little reminder to spread some love and kindness. The repeated outlines echo the beat of our hearts and remind us how important rhythm and patterns are in our daily routines.

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Words on Rest:

A cup of tea or coffee can be such an important ritual for so many of us as it’s a moment to pause and rest. We wanted to create a design which embraced this feeling as we focus on taking care of ourselves with a ritual of rest each day.

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Ecology Nomad Heartbeat Mug | Matchbox Australia  Ecology Nomad Rest Mug | Matchbox Australia


What's your favourite design from the collection?

Click here to view the rest our Ecology, or here to browse through our tea and coffee mugs!



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