Use this 12pce Decorating Set by Wilton to help you decorate.

For a quick easy option

For a quick easy  option try baking some basic vanilla cookies and simply sprinkle with icing sugar.

Try using coffee stencils or making your own stencils then dust cupcakes with icing sugar or coloured sanding sugars

For a fun activity with younger kids or when you don’t time to bake try decorating oval shaped cookies, like milk arrowroot as decorated egg


Tips for Buttercream Icing

Butter cream can be coloured using Wilton gel colours or any other food dye.

Always work as quickly as cleanly as possible with butter cream frosting, especially on warm days.

If you are going to use lots of different tips with each colour, consider using couplers with your decorating tips and bags.

When filling piping bags with butter cream, try placing them in drinking glass or small jar, folding the top of the bag over the top of the glass.  This will free up your hands for filling up the piping bags.

While you are not using your piping bags store them upright in the fridge in glasses to keep the icing cool.

For writing or details like eyes use a finer decorating tip like a number 1 or 2, use bigger tips for filling in large sections, and to create the grass like in out cupcakes use the number 233 tip.


Author  Peter Heath - Matchbox 

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