Present your Fondue platter in stye with Salt&Pepper's Fondue Sets



- 200g each white, dark and milk chocolate, roughly chopped
- 600ml pure (thin) cream 
- 300ml milk
- 150g unsalted butter
- Softened Marshmallows, strawberries and honeycomb, to dip



1. Place each type of chocolate in a separate heatproof bowl with 200ml cream, 100ml milk and 50g butter. Separately, set each bowl over a saucepan of gently simmering water (not letting bowls touch water). Allow to melt, stirring gently until smooth

2. Pour the sauces into separate serving bowls or individual fondue pots. Swirl a little dark chocolate into the white, if desired, to decorate. Serve on a platter with a selection of marshmallows, strawberries and honeycomb, to dip.

Serve with marshmallows, strawberries, banana, figs and honeycomb for the ultimate indulgence.


Serves 6  |  Cook Time 30 mins  


Author Delicious

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