Create the perfect frothed milk in the comfort of your home to complement your coffee with AeroLatte's original steam-free milk frothers. Founded way back in 1999, their innovative technology allows us to make and enjoy our own frothy, perfect coffee any time we'd like!

Coming in a contemporary design, AeroLatte is committed to giving you an enjoyable DIY coffee experience - letting you achieve the look and taste of an artisan cup of coffee without those cafe queues!

The AeroLatte milk frother is now a global hit and a firm favourite among top chefs, keen foodies and coffee aficionados alike, changing how we can enjoy our cappuccino, milkshakes, or hot chocolates! You can trust these reliable tools to prepare, brew, and froth your favourite drinks.

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Aerolatte To Go Milk Frother with Case - Black
$19.95 RRP $34.95
To Go Milk Frother with Case - Black
Aerolatte To Go Milk Frother
$19.95 RRP $29.95
To Go Milk Frother