Cast Iron Cookware

There are plenty of reasons to use cast iron cookware. This heavy-duty brother of stainless steel is built with a long life span, making it an ultimate choice when it comes to cookware.

Once you're introduced to cooking in cast iron, you'll never want to let go of those benefits again! For starters, when you cook with cast iron, it's bound to last you for a long time. Its versatility is also unmatched — they're ideal for searing meats, stir frying, to even trying out some one-pot recipes!

If you're worried about cleaning and maintenance, or knowing how to season your cast iron, don't worry! It's simple and we'll help you out. Read all you need to know on our blog's guide: How to Care for Cast Iron.

You'll love our selection of top-selling brands on this page, with high quality cast iron products from Chasseur and Pyrolux, offering some of the best cookware in Australia. From gorgeous casseroles made of enamel cast iron, nonstick skillets, to smaller sized gratins for your feast, our wide range of cast iron cookware will have what you need.

Cast iron skillets are a popular choice especially because its material naturally non stick (when seasoned properly!) Unlike most types of cookware, cast iron properties allow it to get better with age — meaning the more you use it, the smoother the cooking surface, and the stronger and more durable your cookware will be.

If you notice that cast iron is a little heavier than others, their weight is where their heat retention is. These cast iron pots and pans have the ability to hold onto heat extremely well, and can distribute heat evenly to give you perfect results for your meals.

Suitable for use on all cooktops, including induction, you'll have no trouble cooking wherever you go. Whether you're after a skillet for outdoor cooking while camping or a frypan for excellent browning, get ready to cook some fantastic tasting food!

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Pyrolux Pyrolux Pyrocast Oval Gratin 17cm X 12.5cm W Tray
$29.95 RRP $59.95
Pyrocast Oval Gratin 17cm X 12.5cm W Tray