Roasters, Pressure Cookers, Egg Poachers and Stove Top Kettles

Sometimes not just any pan will do! For when you need a specialty pan like an egg poacher, roaster or tagine, Matchbox has a vast cookware collection for you.

From leading brands such as Avanti and Bakemaster, you can now cook roast vegetables in heavy-duty carbon steel pans or poach eggs to perfection every time in quality stainless steel.

Choose from our range of;
We have roasters that are made out of premium quality stainless steel with high sides and racks for even cooking and ones made from die-cast aluminum that are also induction suitable.

Breakfast just got a whole lot better now that you can perfectly poach eggs using our range of stainless steel poachers. Featuring sturdy glass lids and heat resistant handles, these non-stick kitchen items are a must-have.

Cook meals quicker without compromising on flavour with our favourite pressure cookers! Allowing you to preserve healthy and nutritious vitamins whilst cooking your food twice as quickly as normal casserole dishes, pressure cookers make cooking heartier meals that much easier. If you'd like to know more information on pressure cooking, read our blog.

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