Stockpots & Stew Pots

Nothing beats a home-made stock or hearty soup, especially as a winter warmer. Matchbox has a variety of stockpots in non-stick and stainless steel from leading cookware brands such as Essteele and Pyrolux to help make your life in the kitchen easier.

 You have a variety of stockpots to choose from that's guaranteed to make cooking stock easy. Ranging from 5.6L to 17.6L, our collection is guaranteed to have the right stockpot for you regardless of whether you're cooking for one or cooking a feast for many.

Any stockpot with a stainless steel base is also induction suitable for even heat distribution. If you'd like to read up on how to look after your non-stick cookware, check out our blog.

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Cuisinart Chefs iA+ 24cm Stockpot - 7.2L
$129.95 RRP $219.95
Chefs iA+ Stockpot - 7.2L
Essteele Per Vita 24cm 9 Ltr Stock Pot
$174.95 RRP $289.95
Essteele Per Vita 24cm 9 Ltr Stock Pot
Pyrolux Ignite Stewpot 30cm - 7.4L Pyrolux Ignite Cookware - Stewpot 30cm/7.4L
$119.00 RRP $239.00
Ignite Stew Pot 30cm/7.4L
Pyrolux Ignite 5.6L Stockpot Pyrolux Ignite Stockpot - 5.6L
$79.95 RRP $179.00
Ignite Stockpot - 5.6L
Scanpan Impact 24cm Stockpot - 7.2L Impact Stockpot - 7.2L
$99.95 RRP $169.95
Impact Stockpot - 7.2L
Pyrolux Pyrostone Stockpot - 6.4L
$79.95 RRP $149.95
Pyrostone Stockpot - 6.4L
Pyrolux Stockpot 30cm - 17.6L
$129.00 RRP $259.00
Stainless Steel Stockpot 30cm - 17.6 Litre
Pyrolux Stockpot - 7.6L
$89.95 RRP $179.00
Stock Pot 24cm 7.6L
Pyrolux Stockpot - 10L
$99.95 RRP $199.00
Stock Pot 26cm 10L
Scanpan Impact 26cm Stockpot - 11L Stock Pot 26cm/11L
$119.95 RRP $199.95
Stock Pot 26cm/11L
Pyrolux Stockpot - 15.3L
$119.00 RRP $239.00
Stockpot - 15.3L
Scanpan Universal Stockpot - 20cm / 4.7L
$84.95 RRP $149.95
Universal Stockpot - 20cm / 4.7L