- 1kg of soy wax 

- 10 medium wick assemblies 

- Your preferred fragrance (essential oil) 

If you're looking for a way to keep yourself and your kids entertained during the upcoming school holidays or on the weekends, then why not try to make your own candles?

Now while this sounds difficult, we promise you it's actually super simple and relatively easy! Not only will you be able to impress everyone with your crafty skills but homemade candles also make for amazing presents. We don't know about you, but we reckon we know what we're gifting everyone for Christmas this year! 

Besides the kids will love customising their own colours and scents. What are you waiting for? 



1. Empty the wax into a pouring pot. 

2. Place a trivet on the bottom of the saucepan you're going to use so that the pouring pot doesn't actually touch the bottom of the saucepan. This ensures the wax won't catch and burn. 

3. Place the pouring pot onto the trivet and fill the saucepan with water. Heat until the water begins to boil, then turn it down to simmer. 

4. Once the wax is all melted (the recommended temperature for wax is around 60ºC), you can add your preferred essential oil (you should add 10ml for every 1kg of wax) and give the wax mixture a stir with a metal skewer. 

how to make a candle

5. Warm the glass jars you would like to put the wax in (so the wax settles neatly). This can be done in the microwave. 

6. Pour the wax into your warmed glass jars. 

how to make a candle

7. Wait until the outsides of the candle start to settle a little before placing the wicks in. 

8. Using a wooden skewer, press the bottom plate of the wick onto the bottom of the jar and use wooden pegs to keep the wicks upright. 

9. Let them set overnight. 

10. Snip the wicks to a shortish length. Note, before lighting the candle each time, trim the wick to help prevent blackening that can occur on the glass. 

how to make a candle

11. Now they're ready to burn or to package up to give as gifts! 

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