Quiche Pans, Dishes & Tins

Make some delicious pies at home with our range of Quiche Tins & Pie Tins here at Matchbox. They are excellent for when you're creating fruit tarts, quiches, meat pies, and so many more possibilities! We have everything you need for your baking journey.

If you're looking for reliable bakeware to share your treats with friends and family, our collection is just for you. Take a look at Bakemaster quiche pans, for example, with a super wide selection of pie tins to choose from, whether you want round, oval, or rectangular... ideal for baking any sweet or savoury pies!

There's nothing more fun than going on your own baking trials, and what better way to do so than with some mini quiche tins? For that, we also have options from Daily Bake. With individual pie tins, you can bake as many quiches and pies as you want for your friends and loved ones. Our small pie tins are super popular and they will do the job perfectly.

Our entire collection offers both options whether you prefer non stick quiche tins or silicone bakeware. For more special occasions and elaborate baking schemes, we can't recommend enough the deep quiche dishes that you will find here, which are as versatile as they are durable and stylish, like one from the Maxwell & Williams gorgeous Epicurious range.

So look no further than the tart tins we have on hand to help you bake some home style yummy quiches, pies, and tarts! You also get free shipping for all online orders over $69, so grab it today!

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Daily Bake 7.5cm Mini Quiche Pan Loose Base
Daily Bake
$4.95 RRP $6.95
7.5cm Mini Quiche Pan Loose Base