Pancake & Crepe Pans - Non-Stick & Induction

Bon appetit! Whether you're making a pancake for breakfast or some tasty crepes, the perfect crepe or pancake pan can carry you a long way.

Like a regular frying pan, Crepe pans or Pancake pans have large flat bases for cooking full-sized pancakes to perfection. With lower sides, their shape makes it easier to slide your turners under the batter and flip them without folding any edges!

Similar to crepe makers, they are one of the most delightful specialty cookwareitems you can have in the kitchen, especially because there are so many ways you can serve up some pancakes or crepes – and who would say no?

Coming from some of the most renowned cookware brands like Cuisinartand Essteele, you can find the pan that best suits your household's needs. Why not start with the Essteele Per Salute nonstick crepe pan, for instance? With its PFOA free build with a versatile non stick cooking surface, Essteele Per Salute is suitable on all stovetops including induction – perfect for any kitchen's heat source!

Further, we also have the Chef's iA+ crepe or pancake pan from Cuisinart, featuring a three-layer Whitford non stick coating and riveted stainless steel handles that stay cool as you cook away. This pan is also dishwasher safe, making it a great option for busier mornings.

What you want to look for in a crepe pan is something that you can easily handle, with a simple design and good heat conductivity which means your batter can cook beautifully.

If you're after something lightweight and easy to use, we also recommend the Pyrolux Pyrostone crepe pan. It packs innovative stoneware technology which means you can cook with less oil or butter involved in the process. With a body designed specifically for making pancakes or crepes, it offers reliable heat distribution to ensure your pancakes are cooked evenly.

So if you want to up your breakfast game and serve up some delightful treats over the weekends – think Nutella, strawberries, maple syrup, or a bit of powdered sugar? – then you can find the crepe pan you need at Matchbox.

Looking for one as a gift to the home chef? You can do that too by purchasing a Matchbox gift card! That way, they can mix & match the best cookware to fit their needs.

Matchbox offers FREE shipping on all orders over $69 Australia wide, as well as an easy Click & Collect service in stores so you can find what you need and bring it home in no time!

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Pyrolux Pyrostone Crepe & Pancake Pan - 24cm
$44.95 RRP $89.95
Pyrostone Crepe/Pancake Pan - 24cm
Pyrolux Pyrocast Pancake Pan - 19cm
$24.95 RRP $49.95
Pyrocast Pancake Pan - 19cm
Pyrolux Ignite Crepe Pan 24Cm
$54.95 RRP $119.00
Ignite Crepe Pan 24Cm