Pudding Basins

Bake your delicious Christmas puddings and more with our wide range of versatile pudding bowls & basins at Matchbox!

No matter what sort of scrumptious pudding you have planned, our pudding basins and bowls come from premium bakeware brands such as Mason Cash, Bakemaster and Avanti. Not only that, our collection gives you a wide range of sizes and materials to choose from. If you're in need of inspiration, why not try some of our favourite recipe finds, such as the Jamie Oliver Sticky Date Pudding Recipe?

We're proud to offer the family-favourite Mason Cash white pudding basins in a wide variety of sizes. Crafted from ceramic, Mason Cash stoneware bowls are designed with a protruding rim which allows you to safely tie your lid for the steaming process. They're also made with a vented base to allow trapped air pockets to escape.

If not that, then spot our Mason Cash Pudding Basin with lid, which comes complete with the lid and can go into the microwave, freezer, dishwasher, or conventional oven for any use. It features a beautiful chip-resistant earthenware material with a clean gloss finish.

From one of Australia's most leading bakeware brands, Bakemaster, also comes the lightweight Silver Anodised Pudding Moulds Set of 4. With an ultra smooth baking surface, you can spot them at select Matchbox stores if you're looking to make puddings at home for your next occasion.

The Avantimulti purpose bowls also feature a huge range of pudding bowl or basin sizes, with tons of colours whether you want a Christmassy red or a soft duck egg blue. Perfect to use as mixing bowls too, they are the perfect go-to for home bakers all year round.

The best part is the Avanti bowls come with a smart stackable design and are dishwasher safe, giving you extra versatility when cleaning and storing. With sizes that go as large as 2 Litres, Avanti pudding bowls are ideal for creating large puddings for bigger gatherings.

We also supply the Avanti non stick pudding steamer which is designed to give you unforgettable steamed pudding for any occasion. It's made of high quality non-stick coating and includes a free pudding recipe with its box!

Speaking of pudding recipes, why not check out our recipe blog to find more inspiration too? Whether you want to make sponge puddings for a party or need a perfect Christmas pudding bowl, there's enough bakeware for anyone in the family here at Matchbox.

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Mason Cash Burgandy Colour Mix Pudding - 16cm
Mason Cash
$19.95 RRP $29.95
Burgandy Colour Mix Pudding - 16cm
Mason Cash Forest Fox Pudding Basin 16cm
Mason Cash
$29.95 RRP $39.95
Forest Fox Pudding Basin 16cm
Mason Cash Forest Owl Pudding Basin - 16cm Mason Cash Pudding Basin Base
Mason Cash
$29.95 RRP $39.95
Forest Owl Pudding Basin 16cm