First-class German engineering at its best, Woll cookware is built to last. Matchbox is proud to stock the Woll Diamond ranges, Diamond Lite and Diamond Plus. This range comes with a diamond-infused hard-based coating to reduce sticking, a heat resistance of up to 240°C and a lip that means you can pour from it without dripping. Our professional quality Woll cookware comes with non-stick surfaces and in both induction suitable and non induction suitable varieties, giving perfect versatility until today for any home cooking chef.

Made in Germany in 1979, the body of the Woll cookware range is made from durable cast aluminium to ensure even heat distribution. Frying Pans, Woks, Stockpots and Saucepans, all with the clever removable handle makes every Woll cookware item oven safe. And it's not just oven use – this detachable handle can also be optimal for saving storage space in your kitchen cupboards, easier cleaning in the kitchen sink, as well as keeping it safe and out of reach from children when it's on the stove.

Its advanced non-stick coating is one of the best qualities in the industry, having gone through rigorous processes to achieve the highest standard. It's lined with a PFOA Free layer and can even be used with metal utensils. (Although it's still good practice to be careful!)

Backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty and decades of expertise, Matchbox is excited to offer the Woll Diamond ranges in store and online at great prices everyday.

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Woll Diamond Lite 32cm Frypan
$189.95 RRP $310.95
Diamond Lite 32cm Frypan
Woll Diamond Lite 34cm Wok
$229.95 RRP $379.95
Diamond Lite 34cm Wok
Woll Diamond Lite 24cm Frypan
$159.95 RRP $269.95
Diamond Lite 24cm Frypan
Diamond Lite 30cm Wok
$219.95 RRP $359.95
Diamond Lite 30cm Wok
Woll Diamond Lite 18Cm/2 Litre Saucepan
$179.95 RRP $259.95
Woll Diamond Lite 18cm/2 Litre Saucepan
Woll Diamond Lite Induction Saute 24cm
$229.95 RRP $349.95
Diamond Lite Induction Saute 24cm
Woll Diamond Lite 18Cm/2 Litre Saucepan Induction
$199.95 RRP $299.95
Woll Diamond Lite 18cm/2 Litre Saucepan Induction