Dish Brushes

There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of brushing your dishes and pans clean from any stain and food, or getting into the inside corners of your bottle to have it scrubbed just right. And now, you can achieve that everyday with the help of our wide range of Bottle & Dish Brushes at Matchbox!

Our variety of cleaning products & accessories feature some of the best, most popular bottle brushes and dish brushes to help you do the dishes with ease. Ranging from palm brushes that can fit your grip, to long handled dish brushes so you can clean wider pans or serving dishes with minimal effort, we curate our products to represent the most thoughtfully designed to have you an easier, more enjoyable time at home.

Many of our products come from environmentally friendly sourced materials with long-lasting quality. The best-selling White Magic Eco Basics Dish Brush for example, are made of bamboo and soft recycled nylon bristles. Not only do these bamboo dish brushes look stunning along your sink — perfect for an organic, natural look in the kitchen — they also make an easy task out of getting rid of those stubborn food stains!

We also supply a selection of soap dispensing brushes such as the OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Dish Brush, designed to get rid of hard-to-lift food the quick way. It also comes with a backside scraper for any areas and corners difficult to reach.

The ergonomic handles of our bottle & dish washing brushes also mean you don't have to get your hand wet or soaked up in soap. With our tools, you can chisel off any burnt food, stain residue, and more from your precious dishes, water bottles, and other items effortlessly.

Browse our wide range of all-rounder cleaning tools from scourers to brushes to dish racks and more, available now at Matchbox online with FREE Australia-wide Shipping over $69 or for quick, easy, and FREE Click & Collect at a Matchbox store near you.

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KitchenAid Soap Dispensing Palm Brush
Soap Dispensing Palm Brush
KitchenAid Soap Dispensing Bottle Brush
Soap Dispensing Bottle Brush
Oxo Dish Brush
$12.95 RRP $19.95
Dish Brush
White Magic Jar Washing Brush
White Magic
Jar Washing Brush
Brabantia Soap Disp Dish Brush Dark Grey
$32.95 RRP $43.95
Soap Dispensing Dish Brush Dark Grey