Boiling milk in the morning? Making a sauce to glaze over your Christmas ham? Creating a decadent homemade caramel? Our collection of saucepans & milk pans are to the rescue!

If you're in need of a compact, small cooking pot that can help you stew, boil, or simmer your sauces to perfection, you've come to the right place. From non stick saucepans to stainless steel, we sell both sets and loose pans which mean extra versatility for anything you need to make in the kitchen.

From the cookware brands you love such as Scanpan, Cuisinart, Pyrolux and more, you can select among our dishwasher safe and oven safe ranges. Our medium to small saucepans – even the ones that are non stick coated – will offer you reliable heat retention for any type of meal.

The makings of a top quality saucepan? An ability to handle high heat! That is why the durable non stick surfaces of these saucepans and milkpans, like the ones on the CuisinartiA+ range, are packed with hard anodised aluminium which means extra durability and heat distribution. This means you can save time standing over your milk pot in the morning as it will heat up any liquids efficiently.

What's more to love is the pouring spouts on some of our favourite saucepans, making it easy to transfer sauces, milk, gravy and other liquids to a vessel of your choice. Drip-free pouring means less mess, and less mess means less stress as you're cooking in the kitchen. We also stock plenty of saucepans with lids which means the boil won't leave splatters on your apron!

Did you know we also have cookware sets dedicated to giving you every saucepan you could possibly need? Say hello to the ScanpanImpact stainless steel saucepan sets, for instance, that offer up anywhere between 2 to 5 sizes giving you full coverage for any meal.

Perfect for you to cook the meals you love, our pots and pans all come with complete product details, warranties, and are chosen with utmost care. You can shop sauce pans online at Matchbox and we'll ship your saucepans Australia wide with FREE Shipping on orders over $69.

You can also come in to chat to one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff in stores, or choose your item and pick up with our Quick & Easy Click & Collect service!

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Cuisinart Chefs iA+ 16cm Saucepan - 1.8L
$69.95 RRP $139.95
Chefs iA+ Saucepan - 16cm/1.8L
Cuisinart Chefs iA+ 18cm Saucepan - 2.7L
$79.95 RRP $159.95
Chefs iA+ Saucepan - 18cm/2.7L
Cuisinart Chefs iA+ 20cm Saucepan - 3.6L
$99.95 RRP $179.95
Chefs iA+ Saucepan - 20cm/3.6L
Scanpan Classic Induction Saucepan - 18cm/1.8L
$169.95 RRP $339.00
Classic Induction Saucepan - 18cm/1.8L
Jamie Oliver by Tefal Cooks Classic Induction Non-stick Hard Anodised Saucepan + Lid - 18cm
Jamie Oliver by Tefal
Cooks Classic Induction Non-stick Hard Anodised Saucepan + Lid - 18cm
Covered Saucepan Stone+ 18cm - Grey
$69.95 RRP $99.95
Covered Saucepan Stone+ 18cm - Grey
Endurance+ 16cm/1.9L Saucepan
$89.95 RRP $179.95
Endurance+ 16cm/1.9L Saucepan
Endurance+ 18cm/2.8L Saucepan With Bonus Steamer
$119.95 RRP $239.95
Endurance+ 18cm/2.8L Saucepan With Bonus Steamer
Essteele Per Vita 16cm Covered Saucepan - 1.9L Essteele Per Vita 16cm/1.9L Covered Saucepan
$119.95 RRP $219.95
Essteele Per Vita 16cm/1.9L Covered Saucepan
Scanpan STS 14cm Saucepan 1.2L
$74.95 RRP $129.00
STS 14cm Saucepan 1.2 Litre
Scanpan STS 16cm Saucepan - 1.8L
$74.95 RRP $139.00
STS 16cm Saucepan - 1.8 Litre
Scanpan STS 18cm Saucepan 2.5 L
$89.95 RRP $149.00
STS 18cm Saucepan 2.5 Litre
Scanpan STS 20cm Saucepan 3.5 Litre
$99.95 RRP $189.00
STS 20cm Saucepan 3.5 Litre