Need to get some food off your cookwareor baking dishes? Say no more! You can scrub away using our long line of sponges & scrubbers at Matchbox.

As part of our wide selection of cleaning products & tools, we offer a variety of sponges, scourers and more designed not only to have your dishes looking good as new, but also with thoughtfully designed surfaces to not harm your precious cookware!

We offer the best-selling Skrubba brand, designed in fun, vibrant patterns with non abrasive long lasting qualities. Each scourer sponge is not only biodegradable, but they're also multi-faceted for use on a range of surfaces.

Our range of washing up pads from White Magic, for example, are also a great solution for getting food residue off your plate in a timely manner. With the help of these cleaning pads, designed in a wide selection of colours and styles, doing the dishes everyday doesn't have to be a dread. Each is made with reusable double-sided design making them an excellent cleaning companion.

Discover more from our wide range of kitchenware & cleaning tools at Matchbox. Need extra help? Our Customer Service team is available for any of your questions.

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White Magic Eco Eraser - Original
White Magic
Standard Eraser Sponge - 8 units
White Magic Eco Eraser King Sponge
White Magic
King Eraser Sponge - 8 units