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Looking for a new roasting dish? With so many roasters available from Matchbox there is no need to look anywhere else! The essential cookware item for making hearty family dinners, roasters should be a staple item in every kitchen.

From leading brands such as Scanpan and Bakemaster,
roasters at Matchbox come in a variety of styles including non-stick, and many include a roasting rack. We also have roasters that are made out of premium quality stainless steel with high sides and racks for even cooking and ones made from die-cast aluminum that is also induction suitable.

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Cuisinart Chefs iA+ Roasting Pan with Rack
$139.95 RRP $279.95
Chefs iA+ Roasting Pan With Rack - 39cm x 28cm
Scanpan Small Roaster
$169.95 RRP $319.00
Classic Small Roaster 34cm x 22cm/3.25L
Bakemaster Enamel Square Pan 24cm
$19.95 RRP $34.95
Enamel Square Pan 24x24x5cm
Pyrolux Ignite Roaster 33.24cm
$89.95 RRP $199.95
Ignite Roaster 33cm x 24cm