Pizza Pans & Trays

There are many varied opinions on how to make the perfect pizza, one thing's for sure, you don't want a soggy crust. With the range of pizza pans available, from the crusty bake pans with holes to allow moisture to escape, to the standard aluminium pizza tray you find in the pizza shop down the road, you're sure to love the pizza you create!
From leading bakeware brands such as Avanti and Bakemaster, you'll be making pizza for dinner every night, and luckily for you, Matchbox has an extensive range to choose from. If you need a little recipe inspiration, check out our blog. Shop now, in-store or online today!
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Avanti BBQ Pizza Stone
$39.95 RRP $57.95
BBQ Pizza Stone
Bakemaster Perfect Crust Pizza Tray - 32cm
$12.95 RRP $22.95
Perfect Crust Pizza Crisper Tray - 32cm
Avanti Pizza Stone with Rack
$16.95 RRP $31.95
Pizza Stone With Rack
Avanti Pizza Stone with Rack and Cutter
$24.95 RRP $39.95
Pizza Stone with Rack and Pizza Cutter - 33cm
Avanti Aluminium Pizza Tray - 36cm
$14.95 RRP $26.95
Pizza Tray 36cm - Aluminium
Avanti Pizza Tray Aluminium - 25cm
$9.95 RRP $17.95
Pizza Tray Aluminium - 25cm
Avanti Pizza Tray Aluminium - 30cm
$12.95 RRP $19.95
Pizza Tray Aluminium - 30cm
Pyrolux Pyrocast Pizza Pan - 35cm
$46.95 RRP $94.95
Pyrocast Pizza Pan - 35cm
Avanti Rectangular Pizza Stone
$24.95 RRP $39.95
Rectangular Pizza Stone
Bakemaster Round Pizza Crisper - 32cm
$12.95 RRP $21.95
Round Pizza Crisper - 32cm