Carving Knives & Forks

Typically thinner than a chef's or a cook's knife, a carving knife is specially designed to help you slice perfect cuts of meat, whether it's preparing the family a nice hearty roast or fancying things up with some thinly sliced sashimi. To complete the set, a carving fork is perfectly built to hold your food down securely as well as protect your hands from your knife's blade!

Don't worry, you're in good hands - if it's your first time getting a carving set, Scanpan knives are ultra sharp and offer you the best value for your money. If you're looking to upgrade what you already have, we can't recommend Global enough, with its high-grade Japanese stainless steel and prime functionality.

These carving knives and sets can work with any meat you have. With the help of these products, you'll be a steak serving pro and a master home chef in no time.

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Scanpan Classic Carving Fork - 15cm
$35.95 RRP $65.95
Classic Carving Fork - 15cm
Scanpan Classic Carving Knife - 20cm
$39.95 RRP $79.95
Classic Carving Knife - 20cm
Mundial Carving Slicer - 20cm
$79.95 RRP $119.00
Carving Slicer - 20cm
Scanpan Carving Set - 2 Piece Set
$69.95 RRP $129.00
Carving Set - 2 Piece Set
Global Carving Fork Bent
$99.95 RRP $149.95
Carving Fork Bent
Global Carving Knife G3 - 21cm Global Kitchen Knives - Carving Knife
$129.95 RRP $189.00
Carving Knife G3 - 21cm
Scanpan Boning Knife - 15cm
$44.95 RRP $59.95
Boning Knife - 15cm
Mundial 15cm Boning Knife
$69.95 RRP $110.00
Boning Knife - 15cm
Mundial Straight Fork - 18cm
$49.95 RRP $79.95
Straight Fork - 18cm
Global 16cm Boning Knife
$129.95 RRP $185.95
Boning Knife - 16cm