Utility Knives

Smaller in size but just as reliable, our utility knives are a popular choice for the everyday chef. Also originally known as 'razor blade' knives, they pack just as much quality as a chef's knife, but in a more slender build and shorter length. Utility knives are perfect for tasks that require fine attention and precision, like chopping smaller foods or slicing vegetables and hard cheeses, peeling, trimming chicken or fish, cleaning fish scales, or even as a backup steak knife!

If you're still thinking 'do I really need one?', rest assured that this selection of our finest brands are all designed with slender blades and sharp, pointed ends that can take care of many tasks. When you're trying to go for thinly sliced cuts of your veggies using a bulky cook's knife one day, trust us - you're going to wish you had one.

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Victorinox Steak & Tomato Knife Round Tip Wavy Edge - 11cm
$11.95 RRP $12.95
Steak And Tomato Knife Round Tip Wavy Edge - 11cm
Global Utility Knife GSF-22 - 11cm
$57.95 RRP $95.95
Utility Knife GSF-22 - 11cm
Mundial Utility Knife - 15cm
$59.95 RRP $99.95
Utility Knife - 15cm
Global Universal Knife GSF-24 - 15cm
$84.95 RRP $125.95
Universal Knife GSF-24 - 15cm
Scanpan Classic Utility Knife - 15cm
$32.95 RRP $72.95
Classic Utility Knife - 15cm
Mundial Utility Serrated Knife - 15cm
$59.95 RRP $92.95
Utility Serrated Knife - 15cm
Global 15cm Utility Knife
$99.95 RRP $149.95
Utility Knife - 15cm
Global Serrated Utility Knife - 15cm
$119.95 RRP $139.95
Serrated Utility Knife - 15cm
Global Paring Knife Spear GS-7 - 10cm
$119.95 RRP $139.95
Paring Knife Spear GS-7 - 10cm