Loose Cutlery

How is it that we are always looking for something from the cutlery draw? What is it at your house, is it teaspoons? No, perhaps forks? Whatever it is, sometimes it can feel like the dishwasher and the washing machine are conspiring against us to hide our belongings. Never fear, Matchbox has a great collection of loose cutlery for you to top up those missing items with!

Whether you're after a cheese knife, a cake fork or a coffee spoon, leading tableware brand Maxwell & Williams knows how to make high-quality cutlery that is built to last with timeless designs that are bound to fit seamlessly into your existing set. With a heap of ranges to choose from, you're sure to find something you love, available in-store or online.

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Avanti Bamboo Chopsticks 26.5cm 10 Pairs
$3.95 RRP $5.95
Bamboo Chopsticks 26.5cm 10 Pairs
Maxwell & Williams Madison Serving Fork
Maxwell and Williams
Madison Serving Fork
Appetito Stainless Steel Olive Spoon Appetito Stainless Steel Olive Spoon with Packaging
$7.95 RRP $12.95
Stainless Steel Olive Spoon