Matchbox Rewards FAQs

Where can I redeem my points?

Points can be redeemed at checkout online or in-store.

To redeem online, log into your account, add items to cart, and you will see a Redemptions drop-down menu at checkout which you can select from.

To redeem in-store, log into your account and go to, select a Reward and show your discount code to our team members in store.

I was a member of the Cooking Club. Can I migrate my points?

Points from Cooking Club memberships can be migrated into Matchbox Rewards, however they will not reflect in Tiers. All new members of Matchbox Rewards will start at Bronze Tier upon signing up.

If your Cooking Club points haven't been activated in Matchbox Rewards, please phone or email Matchbox Head Office at

I'd like to sign up to Rewards. Can I get points from my past Matchbox purchases?

Yes! Given that you're using the same email for the purchase and the account, points from your previous Matchbox purchases will already be waiting in your new Rewards account. Please note this only applies for purchases made since the launch of Matchbox Rewards, 20th April 2022.

To migrate points from older purchases, please phone or email Matchbox Head Office at

Why hasn't my Tier upgraded?

You will enter a new VIP Tier 30 days after you've spent the eligible amount.

How long do I keep my Tier?

Tiers are kept in a rolling year, which means a 12-month period measured back from your most recent purchase. For example, to stay in the Silver Tier, you will need to have spent a total of $250 in the 12 months prior to your last purchase.

Can I stack vouchers in one purchase?

Discounts can be accumulated into oneReward, however only one Reward can be used per purchase. For example, you earn a $10 Reward once you've reached 200 points. If you keep the Reward and earn 100 more points, your $10 Reward will upgrade to a $15 Reward, and so forth. The $25 Reward is the maximum value of one Reward.

I submitted the wrong birthday! Can I edit it?

If you've submitted a wrong birthday date, please contact us at and we'll revise it for you.

Why am I not eligible for a referral code?

Referral codes are eligible for new, first-time Matchbox customers only. If there has been a Matchbox purchase made in the past using your device, you may not be eligible for a referral discount code.

Can I refer to more than one friend?

Yes! You can refer to as many friends as you'd like.

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