Long gone are the sunny days, the outdoor picnics, and the feeling of warmth on your skin when you walk outside. Instead, they've been replaced with rainy days, binge watching tv shows and wearing about 28 layers of clothes when you dare to leave the house, BUT just because Winter's here, it doesn't mean you have to hide away and refuse to go outside. 

We've all already spent enough time inside over the past couple of months, so we thought we'd put together a guide on the best places to visit in Victoria so a) you don't go stir crazy, b) you can breathe in some fresh air, and c) you can support local tourism and small businesses.  

To make your mini-breaks more enjoyable, we've also put together a whole heap of drinkware and food storage products that you may need when you're out and about adventuring. From an overnight stay in The Grampians to day tripping down the Great Ocean Road, grab your drink bottles, pack a picnic and have fun exploring! 


 Grampians National Park 

Grampians National Park

Well a picture says a thousand words and there are no words in the English language that could adequately describe the above picture. It may sound like we're exaggerating but we're not. Trust us. 

However, if the sight of the above picture, and the fact that there are people sitting on a rock atop of a mountain that would most definitely hurt if you fell off of, makes your heart start to race and your palms incredibly sweaty then the good news is that there's plenty of other things to do when you visit the Grampians. 

From rugged sandstone ridges to super lush and beautiful waterfalls, you're sure to leave with your iPhone camera roll full of shots that David Attenborough would be proud of. 

The Grampians are also home to a whole heap of native wildlife, so why not walk through a couple of trails and soak up all of the nature-y goodness. We think if you're going to be doing all that walking then having a sturdy and reliable drink bottle to keep your water cold is just what you need. 

How about the Typhoon Living 'Green Is The New Black' Glass Bottle

Made out of environmentally sourced materials, this reusable bottle is a step in the green direction thanks to the fact that you no longer need to use single-use, disposable plastic to hold your water. Offering a robust shape and eco-friendly message, this bottle will soon become your new bestfriend, and what better way to use it than in the great outdoors? 

 Phillip Island 

Phillip island

We realise there's a lot more to do and see at Phillip Island than a bunch of little, cute penguins making their way down to the water (but also is there?!?), however it's on our list because of them! 

Known for its beaches that you most definitely can still visit during Winter (which also might be more enjoyable without the hoards of people sunbathing), Phillip island is a charming town full of family-orientated things to do such as visiting a koala conservation centre, various animal parks, A Maze'n Things (this is a must-do, no ifs or buts), and a chocolate factory where you can stock up on enough sweet treats to keep your kids happy on the drive home.

Why not pack a picnic and enjoy lunch outside using the Avanti 4 Person Picnic Basket

With everything you need to take your lunch time feast outdoors, the Avanti 4 Person Picnic Basket - Wicker with Pattern Lining is the perfect picnic basket that'll impress your friends. Featuring a natural wicker design, a palm leaf patterned interior and finished with silver latches, you're sure to be the talk of the park, while you carry your favourite foods in style.



Maybe one of Victoria's most underrated towns, Bendigo is home to a host of cultural and architectural sites and activities that make this city a great day destination. 

Originally playing a massive part in the gold rush boom during the Victorian era, this town has now expanded to attract visitors who flock to monuments such as The Discovery Of Gold, wander around the Bendigo Tramways Museum and marvel at a number of buildings that have been listed on the Victorian Heritage Register including the Old Post Office, the Bendigo Town Hall (pictured) and the Sacred Heart Cathedral. 

If heritage and culture isn't really your thing, this town can still be for you with its vast national parks, beautiful botanic gardens and the excellent Bendigo Art Gallery (seriously, you need to check out their international exhibit offerings). 

With so much to do, you're sure to want to eat lunch on-the-go (and we don't blame you). Why not pop your lunch in the Russbe Inner Seal 3 Compartment Lunch Bento

Boasting a beautiful navy blue colour scheme, this Russbe Inner Seal 3 Compartment Lunch Bento 1.6 Litre in Navy is a stylish accessory to take with you to work, school or on long-distance car journeys (cough, cough Bendigo). Made with an inner seal lid and food-safe silicone partitions, this reusable lunch bento box is the ultimate storage solution for your everyday on-the-go meals.

Wilsons Promontory National Park 

Wilson's Promontory National Park

Often warmly referred to as 'the prom' by locals and anyone who's ever been there once in their lives, Wilson's Promontory National Park is Victoria's largest coastal wilderness area. 

A big favourite among wildlife lovers, with the chance to get close to native flora and fauna, the prom offers a range of walking trails so that you can get your fitness on (just look at the above picture), or perhaps if sitting down to enjoy the beach in Winter is more your thing, than you can definitely do that too. 

You might even be lucky enough to share your sandwich with a wombat or two, and in that case, you need to make sure your lunch arrives at your destination unharmed and as tasty as ever! Luckily for you there's the Avanti Dry Cell Container. 

Give your wallet a break and pack your lunch to-go with the Avanti Dry Cell Container - 21.5cm x 15.2cm x 6.5cm. Made from the highest quality stainless steel, this container will have your food fresh for longer and its air and watertight sealed lid will make sure nothing gets in or out once you've closed it.

The Great Ocean Road 

The Great Ocean Road

When we say there's a whole heap to do along the Great Ocean Road then we really mean it! Spanning a massive 243 kilometres, this Victorian holiday destination encourages you to soak in nature, explore your calmer side and go on active adventures. 

Synonymous with the Great Ocean Road itself are the 12 Apostles, one of the most well known highlights in the state of Victoria. Situated in the Port Campbell National Park, these massive limestone structures tower 45 metres above the raging Southern Ocean, so you're forgiven if you find yourself awe-struck at both their size and beauty.

Although there are only 8 remaining stacks, the majestic cliffs behind them are around 70 metres high and still well worth the journey as there's something about the vast size of the stacks, the peacefulness of the ocean and the wind in your hair that can make you forget your troubles for a few hours. 

Whether you want to stop in at Torquay, check out Port Fairy or walk through the Great Otway National Park, this destination has everything you need for a fun-filled day out or mini break. 

If you're one of those people that needs about 3 cups of coffee before you can start the day then you'll definitely want to take some coffee to go and what better way to do it than in the Thermos Stainless King Vacuum Insulated Flask 2L.

A nice hot cup of tea, coffee or soup is never far away, no matter how far down the Great Ocean Road you are! The Thermos Stainless King Vacuum Insulated Flask 2 Litre in Midnight Blue is the best in the Thermos range. This vacuum insulated flask will keep your beverages warm or cold for up to 24 hours and it's stainless steel body ensures the ultimate durability. 

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