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Has this ever happened to you? You've just finished a delicious home-cooked meal, but now you're stuck scrubbing your pots and pans because you've left cleaning to the last minute.

Well, we're here to fix that, with our top tips on how to care for your stainless steel cookware!

Benefits of Stainless Steel Cookware

Stainless steel is the type of cookware that can last for generations (known as the "indestructible" cookware material). If cared for properly, it's known to be the more durable than non stick – which many concern about chipping. 

The hardness of stainless steel is also unmatched, with the ability to resist corrosion and stains. When paired with an aluminium core, such as the Essteele stainless steel range, the high-quality pure aluminium delivers optimal heat distribution, which means fast and even heating. Chefs use stainless steel for this very reason to achieve professionally cooked results!

How to Clean Stainless Steel Cookware 

Caring for stainless steel cookware doesn't start at washing time – it begins from the moment you start cooking. Many people ask, "Does food stick to stainless steel cookware?" It can, but depending on how you cook and clean afterwards, it should have no effect on the overall quality and performance of your cookware.

When Cooking

  1. Avoid placing cold foods on a hot pan. This is best practice to remember across all cookware materials – don't let cold and hot meet too soon! Temperature shocks are one of the main reasons for cookware being damaged sooner than expected. Rinsing a hot pan with cold water may lead to warping, and similarly, placing cold foods on a sizzling hot stainless steel pan makes the food more likely to stick.
  2. Add oil after heating. Did you know you can add a non stick effect to stainless steel cookware? Many people do this by heating the pan before adding the oil. When steel is heated, it expands, which allows for the oil to seep in and create a temporarily non-stick surface for your cooking.
  3. Use enough oil, fat, or liquid. Especially if you're searing meats, it's better to be generous with the amount of fat or oils you use to prevent any from sticking. Once the meat has developed a crust, you can also avoid sticking by moving it around frequently.
  4. Beware of when to add salt. You might've seen older stainless steel pans with dotted, carved out marks that form a circular ring around its cooking base. This is known as pitting. The most common cause is from salt being added to water too soon, causing them to seep to the bottom of the pan and interact with the steel material. So when you're making pasta, salt the water once it's boiling to prevent damages to its protective layer. 
  5. Use a stainless steal cleaner. You can clean your cookware with no worry thanks to the Essteele Stainless Steel and Copper 250ml Liquid Cleaner. Formulated with nano-particle technology, it protects cookware coating at micro-level and better than other supplies in the market. Its liquid medium helps avoid abrasions or scratches when cleaning your cookware.
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How to Care for Stainless Steel Cookware | Matchbox

After Cooking

  1. Use a non-scratch sponge. You don't need to worry – most of the time, some warm soapy water brushed gently will do the trick. But especially if you're doing some deeper scrubbing, make sure the sponge you're using is non-abrasive. Avoid steel wools which may damage the steel surface.
  2. Wash while warm. If your food does stick – especially if it gets scorched – it's a good idea to wash the pan as it's just coming off the heat, but while it's still fairly warm. Most people do this by pouring warm water onto the pan. It should be warm enough that the food isn't hard to scrub off, but also room-temperature enough that it doesn't burn at the touch. With the water in the pan, you can simply use a wooden spoon or any utensil of choice to gently scrape the bottom of your cookware until the food comes off.
  3. Scrub with the grain. If you look closely at your stainless steel, you might see fine lines on the material which we call the grain of the finish. What many people don't know is it's better to wipe or scrub your cookware following or parallel to the direction of this grain — as it helps maintain the original stainless steel texture.
  4. Dry immediately. Two things to remember when finishing up your washing: Rinse thoroughly, and dry immediately. Make sure there is no dirty water or residue left as this may cause to stain your cookware surface. Further, dry as soon as possible so that you're not left with water spots on your cookware.
  5. For deep cleaning, you may want to try the baking soda trick. Scorched food, harmless water stains, and other marks that accumulate over time can easily be scrubbed off with a generous amount of baking soda. (If this is new cookware, we recommend starting with a small amount to see how much is suitable.)

How to Clean Stainless Steel Pans with Baking Soda

With the pan warmed on medium heat, simply place some baking soda at the centre of your stainless steel pot or pan (forming a mound), and then gently pour water around it. Let the baking soda boil and the minute it starts to evaporate, scrub with your sponge and rinse through. Always keep an eye out so you don't end up with dried baking soda bits on your cookware (not fun nor pretty). 

When it comes to cleaning your stainless steel, we also highly recommend the Essteele Stainless Steel Cookware Cleaner Powder - 495gMade to assist you in thorough cleaning of your stainless steel or copper cookware, this powder can help return it to its original shine.

How to Care for Stainless Steel Cookware | Matchbox

What is the best stainless steel cookware?

Now that you're prepped with all the tools and tricks on how to keep your stainless steel cookware clean, it's time to choose the best one in the market!

We personally love the Essteele Per Vita range, which comes with a solid copper base which makes it induction suitable. Made in Italy, each piece is wrapped in a high quality polished stainless steel finish that gives it a stunning mirror shine. On top of that, Essteele's stainless steel cookware is oven safe and dishwasher safe, giving a versatility that comes in handy for extra busy cooking days.

If you're looking for a full stainless steel cookware set, Scanpan Impact cookware sets can last you years. Made in Denmark, our range of Scanpan cookware ranges from saucepans, multi-pot steamers, fry pans, to roasters and more!

As with anything you purchase, maintaining new cookware is just about knowing how to clean and take care of them after you make the most of their snazzy features.



Enjoy your cooking!

With love,

The Matchbox Team 

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