Zeal kitchenware is made by a team with over 35 years of experience in creating cookware that makes a notable difference in the kitchen. British design is coupled with a passion for cooking that gives birth to beautiful tools for food and drink preparation and a whole lot more. Each product is designed and developed according to strict British standards and the colourful collections are manufactured using mostly advanced silicone, which means the products are heat resistant and don't absorb odours, colours or flavours.

If you’re doing something in the kitchen, you’ll want to be using Zeal silicone kitchenware! A direct quote from Zeal regarding their kitchenware states: “The joy of a beautiful product begins with touch, so the material quality and finish must be as selective as the design and functionality. If we wouldn’t buy it for our kitchen then it isn’t good enough for yours.”

We stock Zeal because we’re of the same thought. We want your kitchen to be full of beautiful products that make a significant difference to your ability to cook. We don’t think that you should have to pay ridiculous prices, either. We provide all of our products at the greatest prices in Australia so you can focus on cooking the perfect meal.

Browse our offering of Zeal kitchenware and cookware online or come and visit us in one of our 20 stores across Australia today. Shop Zeal with Matchbox today. Can’t come and visit but have a question? E-mail us at info@matchbox.com.au.
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