- Vanilla Icing 

- White Fondant 

- White Decorator Icing - Medium Consistency 

- Ivory Gel Food Colouring Icing Colour 

- Orange Gel Food Colouring Icing Colour 

- Moss Green Gel Food Colouring Icing Colour 

- Kelly Green Gel Food Colouring Icing Colour 

- Teal Gel Food Colouring Icing Colour 

- Red Gel Food Colouring Icing Colour 

- Sky Blue Food Colouring Icing Colour 

- Rose Icing Colour 

- Lemon Yellow Icing Colour

- Pink Icing Colour 

- Black Icing Colour 

- Royal Blue Icing Colour 

What's better than freshly made vanilla cupcakes? Freshly made vanilla cupcakes that are decorated to look like puppies! 

Almost too cute to eat, these pupcakes will be a fun activity for the whole family to make!

*Side note*, if you need a super easy and quick cupcake recipe to follow to get the perfect base to decorate on, try ours here!


Making the dog faces 

1. Grab yourself a batch of pre-made vanilla cupcakes. 

2. Using a spatula, ice the cupcakes with vanilla icing until smooth. 

3. Combine 'Kelly Green' with a touch of 'Lemon Yellow' icing colours to get a light green colour. Then combine 'Orange' and a touch of 'Rose' and the 'Ivory' icing colours to get a light orange colour. 

4. Combine 'Lemon Yellow' and a touch of 'Moss Green' icing colours to get a light and a dark lime green colour. Then combine the 'Teal', 'Kelly Green' and 'Royal Blue' icing colours to get a dark teal colour. 

5. Yes, you guessed it, more combining of colours! Combine the 'Teal' and 'Sky Blue' icing colours to get a medium teal colour. Then combine the 'Orange' and 'Red' icing colours to get a dark orange colour. 

6. This is the last one we promise. Combine 'Rose' with a touch of the 'Sky Blue' icing colour to get a dark magenta colour. 

7. Tint 115 grams of fondant, both a light green and a light orange colour using the combinations above. 

8. Use the 'Lemon Yellow' icing colour to tint another 115 grams of fondant. 

9. Using a fondant roller, roll out the light green fondant. Using a circle cutter, cut out 4 circles. Repeat with the large orange and light yellow fondant. Set aside. 

10. Use a fondant roller, roll out 340 grams of white fondant and cut out 12 circles using another circle cutter. 

11. Grab your white fondant circles and cut out 2cm of each circle. Keep the cut out little triangles for later use. 

12. Using a damp brush, attache the white fondant circles to the tops of the light yellow, green and orange coloured circles. Set aside, we'll continue to play with them later. 

 Wilton Cupcakes

Making the eyes, nose and mouth 

1. Using the 'Black' icing colour and the fondant triangles from earlier, tint a small ball of fondant, black. Think about the proportions of the face so as not to make the ball too big as these balls will become the eyes, nose and mouth of your puppies. Roll 48 balls. 

2. Using a damp brush, attach 24 balls to the white fondant circles as eyes (2 per cupcake but feel free to make some crazy ones too!). Roll 12 little balls into slight ovals and, using a damp brush again, attach them as the nose (1 per cupcake). Roll the remaining 12 balls into thin, little logs and attach as the mouth to the coloured fondant circles (1 per cupcake). 

3. Roll 24 super tiny balls of white fondant and attach them to the black eyes of your puppies using a damp brush. 


 Making the freckles 

1. Tint a 1.5cm ball of fondant the 'Dark Lime' colour using the combination above. Using the 'Kelly Green' icing colour, tint another 1.5cm ball of fondant a dark green. Using the 'Pink' icing colour, tint another 1.5cm ball of white fondant a pink colour. 

2. Starting with the dark lime fondant, roll 24 tiny balls (about as big as the white balls you placed in the middle of the puppies' eyes). These will be used as freckles. Attach 6 freckles to each light yellow puppy cupcake, 3 per side. Repeat the process with the dark green fondant on the light green puppies, and then the pink fondant on the light orange puppies. 


Making the ears 

1. Tint 30 grams each of fondant into the colours 'Dark Teal', 'Medium Teal', 'Light Orange', 'Dark Orange', 'Light Lime' and 'Dark Pink' using the colour combinations provided above. 

2. Using the fondant roller, roll out the dark teal fondant. Cut out 12 small hearts (now this may be tricky but give it your best shot). Repeat with the medium teal, light orange, dark orange, light lime and dark pink fondant. 

3. Attach the ears to the puppy cupcakes using a damp brush. Remember the light lime and light orange belong on the light yellow puppy cupcakes; light teal and dark teal on the light green puppy cupcakes; dark magenta and dark orange on light orange puppy cupcakes. 

4. You're finished! Well done, that was tough. 



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