- 250g extra lean beef mince 

- 25g feta, crumbled 

- 2 green shallots, finely chopped 

- 2 tbsp fresh mint leaves, chopped 

- 1 garlic clove, crushed 

- 1 tsp lemon rind, finely greated 

- 1 corncob, husk and silk removed, cut into 4 pieces 

- 1 bunch asparagus, trimmed 

- 1 small red capsicum, deseeded, cut into wedges 

- 2 tbsp hummus 

Trying to convince your kids to eat something other than spaghetti & meatballs can be hard, and so can sitting at the dinner table night after night, telling them they're not leaving it until all their vegetables are gone. 

Hopefully, with this fun and fresh summer night's recipe, your kids will wolf it down without you even having to beg (fingers crossed)!

Let the spicy mint cool you down on a 35°C day and enjoy the freshness of the vegetables with the juicy meat, and marvel at how pretty and colourful it looks on your plate.  



1. Place the beef, feta, shallots, mint, garlic and lemon rind in a bowl. Season it and use your freshly washed hands (actually do it) to combine all the ingredients together before shaping them into 6 even patties. Place them to the side.

2. Place the corn, asparagus, and capsicum on another plate, ready to go. 

3. Alternatively, you can pop both the patties and vegetables in their own seperate sealable glass or plastic containers and freeze them for a time when you can't be bothered cooking. Just defrost them the night before and they'll be as good as fresh when it's time to cook. 

4. Preheat the bbq or grill on high. Lightly spray the patties and vegetables with oil. Cook the corn, turning it over for roughly 8-10 minutes. 

5. Cook the patties and capsicum for 3-4 minutes each side and the asparagus for 1-2 minutes each side. 

6. Divide the patties and veggies between serving plates and season to taste. Serve with hummus or a similar dipping sauce. 

7. Marvel at what looks like Spring on your plate. 


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