Folding Picnic Tables

What's a summer without a picnic? When the weather gets warm, we all know everyone will scramble for a spot at that park. Matchbox offers plenty of options when it comes to your picnic essentials - such as picnic baskets. Whether you're planning a simple wine-and-chill session at the park, or celebrating a special occasion by hosting an outdoor feast and a one-of-a-kind picnic.

A total must-have when it comes to spending time outdoors, is a good folding picnic table! There are plenty of reasons to own one: They're versatile, they're sturdy and will keep your drinks or bottles from falling off, and not to mention, they look super stylish! You're one step closer to that Instagram-worthy perfect picnic.

Our wooden picnic tables are top-selling for their high quality material and reliable design. Not only do they look stunning, but they're also thoughtfully crafted with all the features to keep your picnic stress-free — like drink holders!

The portable picnic tables from Maxwell & Williams' Picnic Perfect collection, for example, features gorgeous acacia wood picnic tables, decorated with some lovely engravings and complete with stemmed glass holders! They also make an awesome gift for that carefree, adventure-loving person in your life who would love an outdoor picnic table.

Or who can say no to Stanley Rogers' compact folding picnic tables? They're portable, sturdy, and made of high quality rubber-wood for that simple, casual look. These no-fuss tables are easy to clean and completed with wine bottle holders, and their foldable legs make for easy storage. There's nothing more we can possibly ask for!

So if you're ready to enjoy the sun and make new memories with your friends and loved ones, plan a picnic! Grab the special offers on our picnic tables on sale today. Available online or in stores near you!

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