The 5 Best School Water Bottles for Kids


When summer rolls around, it's more important than ever to keep the kids hydrated, whether they're playing at the park or running into school on their first day.

Finding the best kids water bottles for school can be tricky – the more you pick something just because it looks nice and is cheap, the higher the chances of your child coming home with a soggy bottom of their backpack because its lid has somehow opened.

This is especially an issue if your child or toddler is the active type. Because that means you'll need one of the best kids drink bottles on the market that won't break and can take a blow.

The good news is, you don't need to do a drop test nor scavenge around hundreds of shops to choose your best pick. Here are our 5 best water bottles for kids that we guarantee can last you the whole school year.


1) Best Lightweight: Contigo Gizmo Flip Autospout

Contigo Gizmo Flip Autospout | 5 Best School Water Bottles for Kids | Matchbox

Capacity? 420ml

Dishwasher safe? Top-rack recommended

Out of all the features of the Contigo Autospout kids bottle, the covered drinking spout is a big plus. This ensures no germs or dust can land on the mouth section, keeping the water bottle sterile to drink from and your kids safe.

Because they are crafted from plastic, Contigo water bottles for kids are among the most lightweight, which makes them safe to carry and a great option if you're looking for toddlers water bottles. The best drink bottles for kids are easy to clean, and the Contigo Autospout is top-rack dishwasher safe to give you peace of mind.


2) Best Insulation: Hydro Flask Kids Wide Mouth Straw Lid with Boot

Hydro Flask 20oz Kids Wide Mouth Straw Lid And Boot | 5 Best School Water Bottles for Kids | Matchbox

Capacity? 20oz / 591ml

Dishwasher safe? Yes

If you're looking for something to keep the kids' drinks cool for the longest, this TempShield Insulation bottle can keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours. It also features that classic Color Last powder coating, which makes Hydro Flask colours pop. 

Some warnings though: The Hydro Flask Kids water bottles are not to be used with hot liquids, and are not suitable for kids aged 3 and under. The straw spout is not to be mistaken for a bite valve! Because they are made of stainless steel, you also need to take extra care in handing the bottle to the children to make sure they don't run around carrying it.


3) Best for Hot Liquids: Thermos Funtainer Vacuum Insulated Warm Drink Bottle

Thermos FUNtainer Vacuum Insulated Warm Drink Bottle | 5 Best Kids Water Bottles for School | Matchbox

Capacity? 355ml

Dishwasher safe? Hand wash recommended

The 355ml Thermos Funtainer bottle offers perfect temperature retention. Great for wintery school days, it can keep drinks warm for up to 12 hours, and comes with a plastic cup that doubles as its lid so your child can drink out of it wherever they are. 

It does, however, include a twist-and-pour type of stopper on the bottle which requires a bit of dexterity for your child – so we typically recommend this bottle for ages 4 and up!


4) Most Compact: Avanti Fluid Vacuum Bottles

Avanti Fluid Vacuum Bottle 350ml Space | 5 Best Kids Water Bottles for School | Matchbox

Capacity? 350ml

Dishwasher safe? Hand wash is recommended

When it comes to stainless steel water bottles, we know Avanti is among the best out there with their tons of colourful designs. The compact size of the 350ml Avanti bottles makes this one of the best school water bottles out there – because they can easily be zipped into your child's lunch tote. 

This insulated water bottle also comes with a screw cap lid which we guarantee is among the most leak proof lids out there. At only $19.95, we also consider them among the best value kids drink bottles.


5) Best Child-Friendly: Thermos Funtainer Vacuum Insulated Bottle

Thermos Funtainer Vacuum Insulated Drink Bottle 355ml - Disney Princess | 5 Best Kids Water Bottles for School | Matchbox

Capacity? 355ml

Dishwasher Safe? Top-rack or hand-wash recommended

Not only is the famous Thermos Funtainer bottles perfectly spill proof to last your child all day long, they are also very child-friendly and easy to use thanks to its simple push button lid. It keeps the drinking spout safely inside the cover so that it stays hygienic, and all your child has to do is press the button and sip.

Like the rest of the BPA Free insulated stainless steel bottles in our selection, it can keep beverages cool for up to 12 hours. On top of that, parents love the Funtainers thanks to their printed designs – which is set to delight any child who has a love for Marvel characters, Disney princesses, and so much more.




So, ready to make your child's day? You can shop a wide range of drink bottles at Matchbox with FREE Shipping applied on every order over $69 Australia wide. On top of that, you can also enjoy our Same Day Click & Collect at over 20 Matchbox stores across Australia, so you can have your items in no time!


Have an exciting back to school season!

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