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When it comes to drinking coffee, who hasn't heard of the iconic Frank Green coffee cups?

There's a reason why these reusable bottles and travel mugs have taken Australia and the world by storm. Not only are they beautifully designed with great practicality, but Frank Green products have also helped millions of people take one step closer to living more sustainably — by parting with single-use plastic cups and switching to reusable daily!

You might have some questions, though. They're pretty, but do I really need one? Will it keep my coffee warm? Should I wait until they go on sale? How hard is it to clean? Don't let these keep you from making the upgrade. We'll walk you through all there is to know about this well-loved brand!


How Frank Green Started

Fun fact: There actually is no person named Frank Green. The man behind the brand is actually Benjamin Young, who founded the brand in 2013 in Melbourne — coffee capital of the world! (Okay, we may be biased.)

Another fun fact: When he told his colleagues about the idea, they told him he was dreaming, and that nobody would ever use it because disposable is just too convenient. For the next three years, Benjamin worked to prove them wrong, and succeeded. He created not just desirable, purposeful products, but also better drinking experiences for every coffee lover! The Frank Green reusable cups helped save cafés money on takeaway cups, too.

Now, Frank Green reusable bottles and travel mugs are sold worldwide and beloved by millions, getting closer and closer to lessen the demand for single-use products!

(You can read more about the Frank Green journey here.)

 Frank Green reusable coffee cup in White

In frame: Frank Green 10Oz Ultimate Ceramic Reusable Coffee Cup in Cloud

Here's Why You Should Buy a Frank Green

Every Frank Green piece was crafted and designed from hours of planning and engineering. But we want you to know that making the switch isn't just about jumping on a trend bandwagon. 

Firstly, making the switch to reusable coffee cups will significantly change your single-use buying habits, and reduce your individual carbon footprint. This is good news for everyone! For you, for the environment, and for all the local cafes you can still support in your community.

Second, Frank Green coffee cups and drink bottles are equipped with plenty of features to keep your eco-friendly lifestyle easy...

1. Full insulation

Look for the Ultimate Ceramic range in our Frank Green cups to find vacuum insulated and perfectly durable items that are triple-walled, which means they're built with a ceramic inner layer on top of the stainless steel and will keep you going for many days to come. So in whatever weather, your drink will stay warm or cold as you'd like it to be!

2. Leak proof & easy to use

Each piece will include a recognisable push-button mechanism commonly seen on Frank Green lids. This toggle button is what makes every product perfectly leak- and spill-proof, as it's constructed to reseal your drink safely, and are made with temperature retention in mind (adding to the vacuum insulation technology.)

3. Recyclable, safe materials

All of Frank Green's water bottles and travel cups are made from what's called recyclable co-polymer, which essentially means they're BPA free (so no toxins are going into your body), FDA/EU approved, and yes, recyclable at its end of life!

4. Stylish and compact

Frank Green is known for its many colours, from pastel to deeper hues, so they're bound to match with anyone's everyday style — honestly, you are winning at life if your outfit matches your coffee cup.

Shape-wise, they're also curved to fit comfortably in your hand, and compact enough to pop into your bag and bring home. (And let's face it, they're so Instagram-worthy, aren't they?)


Frank Green reusable water bottle in Blushed

In frame: Frank Green 25Oz Original Bottle in Blushed

How to Clean Frank Green Bottles & Coffee Cups

It's simple to clean your Frank Green bottle or coffee cup. For starters, you'll never go wrong with hand-washing; warm and soapy water is the way to go!

If you're wondering: Are they dishwasher friendly? The answer is, the Original range (like this one) can perfectly go into the dishwasher. But for collections that are Ceramic, it's best to pop just the lid to the dishwasher and then hand-wash the cup itself.

To clean the lid, press the button and place it upside down on the top rack of the dishwasher. It's important that the lid goes in in open position, to prevent from any damage happening to the seal! Every so often, you can also disassemble the lid and wash it in warm, soapy water for a deep clean.

Where to Buy Frank Green

That being said, this trustworthy brand is worth the buy if you're always on-the-go. Ready to make the switch? You can visit any Matchbox store near you or browse our shop online to find some best-selling Frank Green in Australia! If you subscribe to our newsletter, you'll also never miss out in case any item goes on sale.



Have any more questions? You can ask any team member in our store or contact us online!

Have an awesome and productive day.


With love,

The Matchbox Family


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