If you haven't already heard about Glasshouse Fragrances then you've most definitely been living under a rock for at least the past 10 years. But most of us will have had the pleasure of walking into a Peter Alexander store and experiencing the impossibly tantalizing scent that wafts towards you. The smell? A Glasshouse candle. 

Or you'll be able to remember the time you'd just gotten to your Aunt's house for a family dinner after a long drive stuck in traffic and you opened the door expecting to smell a nicely cooked roast lamb with some vegetables, maybe even a mint jelly but instead, what hit you almost instantly was the sweet smell of vanilla and caramel. The source? Probably a Glasshouse candle. 

These candles and diffusers feel like warm hugs or old friends that you've known forever. But do you really know anything about the company that makes them? 

Glasshouse fragrances

What started from a spark of imagination by founder and creative director, Nicole Eckles, has now grown into a company that sells internationally and has been since its conception in 2006. 

Made proudly in Australia, these fragrances have the power to transform every moment. To create a mood where there wasn't one. To illuminate a celebration. To elevate the everyday. To set your imagination in a world far far away. 

Glasshouse Fragrances was born out of a want to escape, as a way to take you places that'll not only lift your spirits but make you feel right at home. 

But they're not just committed to helping you reach the furthest corners of your imagination, they're also committed to using only the highest quality industry approved raw materials. With vegan-friendly ingredients and the promise that they don't test on animals, Glasshouse Fragrances are a brand you can count on to provide warmth and comfort to any workspace or home. 

Glasshouse fragrances

Glasshouse Fragrances are more or less split into 5 scent groups, making it easier for you to decide which ones you're drawn to. 


Crafted to be complex with multiple layers of sensuality and spice, these fragrances offer oriental resins, sweet vanillas, spices and musks that are juxtaposed by refreshing citrus, green or fruity top notes.


Think fresh cut flowers or bouquets with fruity highlights and powdery softness. 


Smelling good enough to eat, these fragrances conjure up delectable edible fruity notes blended with caramel, vanilla, and praline with warm spicy nuances. Sometimes fresh and fruity, other times sugary and decadent, the smell alone is enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. 


You're outside. You smell warm woods, leather accents, cool touches and a hint of spice and aromatic nuances. These slightly edgy fragrances are made for both genders and lend a refined and elegant yet subtly sensual air. 


The perfect outdoorsy, fresh, uncluttered and uplifting scents for the active beach-lovers out there, these fragrances evoke scents of crisp citrus, zesty fruits, green leaves, and cool aquatics. 

Glasshouse fragrances

You don't even have to worry about your soy candles or diffusers losing their fragrance before you fully get the chance to enjoy them as they're triple scented and can last for up to 80 hours. This means that they'll deliver the richest and boldest smelling experience for longer, aiming to heighten your senses and leave you in a hypnotic world of your creation. 

Their double wick technology also ensures an even and clean burn so you can enjoy a purer and more potent fragrance from each and every candle. 

Poured by hand with love and passion, these candles are a work of art where at each stage of the development process, they've been tried and tested so you can experience the sense of dreaming and wonderment at its finest.  

Whether it's a birthday present, housewarming gift or as a 'treat yo' self' bonus, Glasshouse fragrances should always be your go-to.  

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