It's not every day that a businessman quits his desk job, takes his passion for creating artwork and turns it into his new career. But that's exactly what Joel Moore, aka Mulga the Artist, did. 

Leaving his job in finance in 2014 to become a full-time art extraordinaire (if only we could do the same), Joel is a Sydney based artist that focuses on painting murals, designing t-shirts, as well as running the business that has become the 'Mulga brand'. 

His interesting and fascinating take on street style has graced the Australian population with weird and wacky designs such as lions smoking tobacco pipes, cats wearing sunglasses and unicorns sipping on milkshakes since 2012. 

Mulga the artist  

His unique style of using rich colours and intricate line work makes for fascinating and vibrant artwork that pulsates with emotion and would be a welcome and enticing addition to any home. 

His main inspiration is taken from the three s's, street, surf and style, merging together streetwear and mural art to come up with his collection of zany animals and friendly bearded giants. If you're looking for a way to add a certain urban flair to your kitchen or household then this is it. 

Lucky for everyone on the planet, Maxwell & Williams saw the potential in Mulga's weird and wacky designs and decided to collab, featuring his colourful artwork on everyday items such as coffee mugs and table coasters (hi, yes, we'll take one of everything thanks). 

Hand drawing all of his artwork using Posca paint markers, Joel has recently been loving painting in fluoro colours, hence the vibrancy we see in Mulga's new collection.  

Joel said it was an easy decision to work with Maxwell & Williams when they first approached him; "they're a large company with huge distribution and access to a significant amount of consumers". 

MAXWELL & WILLIAMS  Mulga The Artist Mug - Coconut  MAXWELL & WILLIAMS  Mulga The Artist Mug - Captain

The mugs in the collection are a generous size of 450ml capacity (perfect for a cuppa in the morning) and are made from durable and reliable porcelain. 

Why not pair your new favourite mugs with coasters to match? Featuring equally as fun and wonderful designs, the coasters in the collection are made from ceramic with a cork backing, ensuring a long-lasting life and are perfect for everyday use. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a bearded giant or a sun-smart giraffe online or in-store today!  

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