If you're after beautiful, colourful and vibrant artwork then Pete Cromer is your man, especially if Australian wildlife is your thing. Even if the above is not what you're into, you should still give this Aussie a chance to brighten up your kitchen with his collection that features coffee mugs, table coasters, drink bottles and the list goes on....

Designer, illustrator and art creator are three words that can easily describe Pete with his keen eye for detail and his abundance of creativity. Offering a distinctive style of painting, Pete uses a psychedelic combo of simplistic shapes and bright colours to turn his ideas into pieces that are bound to put a smile on your face even if it's raining outside, the house is a mess and you realise there's no food in the fridge for dinner. 

Based in the Colac Otway region of Victoria, Pete's work is filled with personality and combines different mediums as he prefers to create collages, building up textures and colours to bring his designs to life. 

Pete Cromer

His newest collection for Maxwell & Williams features a whole heap of necessary, everyday products that you most definitely, absolutely need (and we're not even exaggerating). 

Now you can carry your favourite beverage in native style with double-wall insulated drink bottles! Perfect for when you're on-the-go, these reusable bottles are made out of durable and high-quality stainless steel and are guaranteed to keep their contents at the right temperature until you're ready to drink them. Plus they feature cute and colourful designs of Australian wildlife. Who doesn't want to walk around the office with a kangaroo on their drink bottle?

Not only that but his range of tote bags make brunch dates, last-minute shopping trips and days to the beach environmentally friendly! These reusable bags are made from 100% premium quality, ethically sourced cotton and have reinforced handles so you can load up your bag with heaps of important stuff. 

Pete Cromer Reusable Drink Bottles

So do yourself a favour and stop asking yourself if you really need any of this, we already know the answer. It's a yes. Happy shopping. 

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