Cleaning your kitchen, bathroom or other living spaces isn't always an easy task and for most of us (the normal ones), it's something that comes around way too often despite our best procrastination efforts. In other words, it's not something we look forward to doing. 

But it doesn't have to be that way thanks to a little help from White Magic. 

Established in 2003, this company prides themselves on being specialists when it comes to both innovation and quality. Dedicated to offering chemical-free cleaning products that are so easy and quick to use that you'll be done in no time (and will also have you feeling like Cinderella with her helpful band of little woodland creatures and mice), White Magic feature a range of products for your kitchen, living rooms, bathrooms, laundry and outdoor areas. 

 White Magic

From bathroom brushes to tea towels and everything in between, you know you can trust this company when it comes to effective cleaning. Built for the idea that you can work smarter instead of harder (which comes in handy when you're facing the task of spending 2 hours cleaning the shower), these environmentally friendly products will help you to get the job done without all the nasty chemicals. 

From its humble beginnings starting out with the Original White Magic Sponge, this company has grown rapidly and expanded to sell a whole heap of different and equally as useful household products within various ranges that'll have you almost looking forward to clean up day.

White Magic Cleaning  

One of these new ranges is the Eco Basics Range that uses bamboo fibre in its construction and, as it turns out, it's quite the cleaning companion! For instance, did you know that bamboo fibre is a naturally anti-bacterial, odour and stain resistant renewable resource? 

It almost sounds as if Mother Nature wants you to get your act together, whip your hair up, put some music on and clean up that kitchen. 

This range is designed to feature everyday products with an eco twist so that every product is either made from environmentally friendly materials or have eco uses. Just like the White Magic Eco Basics Bottle Brush

Make sure your bottles are looking squeaky clean with this cleaning brush! Made from bamboo, recycled plastic, soft recycled nylon bristles and a hemp storage loop, this reusable brush is guaranteed to get down to the base of tall bottle thanks to its long handle, while the soft bristles clean without scratching. Featuring an elegant and effective design, the large round head compresses down to enter narrow bottles making it the perfect all-rounder, bottle cleaner!

WHITE MAGIC Eco Basics Bottle Brush

Another one of their amazing eco ranges is the Eco Cloth range featuring, yep you guessed it, magical, eco cloths that make cleaning and getting rid of mess and spills easier than ever. 

The White Magic Eco Cloth Kitchen is made of polyester polyamide microfibres that create an electrostatic effect to attract loose dust, water or grease. This eco cloth is reusable with reinforced durability and ensures that you'll be able to clean your home without nasty chemicals. Perfect for cleaning your kitchen surfaces, this cloth is capable of picking up to 99% of bacteria making it your new cleaning buddy.


If you need a little extra nudge to find the motivation to clean and have your kitchen looking spick & span (or other areas of the house for that matter), then consider our blog on how to start that exact nudge. Enjoy! 

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