Do you have a kitchen drawer filled with dull kitchen knives? AnySharp is your solution! Say hello to the world’s best, easy-to-use knife sharpener. Restore your blunt knives back to the optimal edge without the risk of harming any fingers in the process! Designed to help all your essential knives stay sharp for a long-time use, we guarantee these will be an irreplaceable kitchen staple.

For amazing value, these knife sharpeners are highly effective in making your blades look brand new. Additionally,AnySharp knife sharpeners are completed with suction cups on its bottom to stick perfectly to any kitchen benchtop, making the sharpening process easier and safer for all.

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Anysharp Tungsten Single Groove Sharpener - Red Anysharp Knife Sharpener Red - Lifestyle
$29.95 RRP $39.95
Tungsten Single Groove Sharpener - Red