Coffee Grinders

Let's face it, there are mornings where you're dying for a fresh cup of coffee. But what if the coffee shop is closed? What if you don't feel like walking to get a coffee? Well thanks to the invention of coffee grinders, you can now enjoy the perfect cup of coffee from the comfort of your home!

Whether you're into french press, cold brew coffee, or any brew method, all it takes is freshly ground coffee beans with some boiled water to start the day strong. Along with coffee grinders, Matchbox also offers plenty of option for coffee pots, plungers, and percolators that can complete your coffee making starter pack — complete with coffee filters! — and help you learn to make coffee at home.

The truth is, we don't always need a coffee machine to brew coffee at home, as long as we have the right tools! With a best quality coffee grinder, you can still achieve great coffee tastes without using a fancy coffee maker. Brewing coffee will never feel so easy, thanks to Matchbox's growing selection of coffee grinders, giving you option between electric coffee grinders or manual grinders.

Our popular electric grinder from Davis and Waddell, for instance, can grind your coffee beans at home without any fuss. Complete with removable stainless steel bowls, it makes grinding and cleanup super easy. We also have the easy to use coffee grinder from Kilner, too, to help you start the day with freshly ground coffee beans, and it's complete with a stunning glass jar to store your coffee and keep it fresh!

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