Egg Poachers & Pans

Make the perfect poached eggs with our extensive collection of egg poachers and egg poaching pans!

Achieving beautiful homemade poached eggs is no easy feat. Lucky for you, as part of our larger cookware collection, Matchbox offers egg poacher pans coming from some of the best household names in Australia.

You can serve eggs for the whole family with Avanti's best egg poachers, complete with non-stick poaching cups that make your egg creations easily removable. They also offer an omelette pan addition, which allows you to cook eggs two ways at once! Thanks to its non-stick material, this pan is also super easy to clean.

Some other egg cookers in our range are also made with a stainless steel body, like one from Scanpan Impact. This egg poacher is stunning to use and is induction suitable. Most from our range also include glass lids that allow for the steam to push through, as well as a heat resistant knob to keep you safe when cooking.

You're one step closer to that stunning homemade eggs benedict! If you're constantly looking for ways to make the perfect breakfast, these poaching pans might be just what you need to get perfect poached eggs every time. Enjoy FREE Shipping when you spend over $69 online today!

Ready, set, get cooking!

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Avanti Silicone Egg Poachers Set of 4
$9.95 RRP $11.95
Silicone Eggpoach Cradle Set Of 4