When not just any brand will do GEFU is guaranteed to make the right kitchenware for you! Makers of high-quality kitchen tools GEFU kitchenware items are built to last.

This long-established brand has quickly become a successful leader within the industry with the product range continually expanding. GEFU already makes over 500 kitchen tools that are sold internationally.

Recognisable by their excellent functionality, first-class quality, and appealing designs, these items are easy to use and reliable in practice, as well as looking and feeling good when in use. Why not pick up a vegetable and fruit splitter? Start cutting your fruits and veggies with ease and make dinner prep as quick as possible.

Or how about a multi-chopper? Not only does this item cut and liquidise anything from fruit and vegetables to nuts and fish, but it also stirs and mixes dips and desserts. Easy to use thanks to its compartmentalised features, this kitchen necessity is guaranteed to make your life in the kitchen easier.

Try them out for yourself and shop online or in-store today.

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Gefu Flexi cut Vegetable And Fruit Splitter - Black/Stainless Steel
$39.95 RRP $62.95
Flexicut Vegetable And Fruit Splitter - Black/Stainless Steel
Gefu Lorenzo Coffee Grinder - Clear/Black
$79.95 RRP $112.95
Lorenzo Coffee Grinder - Clear/Black