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Want to hear our hot take? One of the most underrated cookware items out there is the cast iron skillet. Many shy away from using cast iron because it's heavy, but the truth is, a properly cared for cast iron pan can last you and your family for decades to come!

Especially if you're a fan of one-pot meals, a skillet can be one worthy investment, and there are tons of ways you can use this cast iron cookware piece. Today, we're highlighting 5 resourceful and easy cast iron skillet recipes that will take you no longer than an hour in the kitchen.

5 Easy Cast Iron Skillet Recipes

 Sizzling Breakfast Shakshuka | Easy Cast Iron Skillet Recipes | Matchbox

1. Sizzling Shakshuka

As long as you know how to season them, cast iron skillets are amazingly versatile. You can use them to cook on multiple different heat sources from stovetops to open fires. On top of that, they're great for serving – cast iron properties are best known for their ability to keep foods sizzling hot for longer!

We're a huge fan of this protein-packed, hearty shakshuka which you can make for breakfast or lunch — using olive oil, butter, sausage, onions, and other ingredients you can easily find in your kitchen! Find the recipe here.

No-Fuss Frittata | Easy Cast Iron Skillet Recipes | Matchbox

2. No-Fuss Frittata

Okay, hear us out... a one-pan, 30-minute frittata for breakfast. How about yes?! The reason why frittatas work so well on cast iron is because they are oven-safe, and an egg dish like a frittata needs that slow baking in order to cook perfectly.

We have a selection of small-sized Pyrolux cast iron skillets that might just do the trick too, perfect if you're only after a frittata for one! If you season your cast iron regularly, it will naturally be non-stick, so rest assured your dish won't stick to the pan. Find this easy frittata recipe here!

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Crispy Hash Browns | Easy Cast Iron Skillet Recipes | Matchbox

3. Juicy, Crispy Hash Browns 

Speaking of breakfasts, we also can't take our eyes off these crispy hash browns! Perfect to go with your morning bacon & eggs, you can use any cast iron skillet for this recipe. Plus it takes no more than 30 minutes!

Once you have peeled your potatoes, the trickier part might be grating or ricing those potatoes to create your delicious textured hash browns. This is where a classic potato ricer will come in handy and save you even more time in the kitchen. Once your potatoes are riced and dried, it's just a matter of grilling them in your pan and you're done! Access this hash brown recipe here.


Spicy Ratatouille | Easy Cast Iron Skillet Recipes | Matchbox 

4. Spicy Ratatouille

Need to make dinner but have little time and only veggies left in the pantry? This spicy ratatouille recipe is to the rescue!

Served on a sizzling skillet with a lovely dash of tabasco and black pepper, you can make this ratatouille dish for any occasion using the simplest ingredients like tomatoes, bell pepper, eggplant, zucchini, spinach leaves. (Best part? You can always mix & match to your liking!) Find recipe here.


Hot Shrimp Dip | Easy Cast Iron Skillet Recipes

5. Hot Shrimp Dip

Now this one's for those big family days. You know, the ones where everyone's either running around the house, watching footy, or lingering by the dining table? Well, we all know nothing beats chips and dip when it comes to party food, but if you want to take it up a notch, we recommend this irresistible hot shrimp dip!

It's made with a generous serving of raw shrimp, butter, cheese, sour cream, and — if you can handle some spice! — a dash of Tabasco to taste. The Tabasco absolutely gives this dip that extra zing, and it'll go perfect with either crisps, chips, or some classic sliced & toasted baguette! Try the recipe here.




So! What's next on your list of cast iron recipes? Get inspired and cook with our wide range of cast iron cookware available online and in stores. We also offer a FREE Click & Collect to pick up your items at a Matchbox store near you!

Whether baking in the oven or sizzling on the grill, we hope you (and your skillet!) have a fun day cooking.

With Love,

The Matchbox Team


Recipes & recipe photos credit to Natasha's Kitchen


5 Easy Cast Iron Skillet Recipes | Matchbox


How do I season a cast iron skillet?

You can find our comprehensive guide on how to care for your cast iron cookware here!

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