• Pre-prepared cookie dough

Easter-themed fondant:

  • White fondant
  • Violet icing colour
  • Rose icing colour
  • Sky blue icing colour
  • Leafy green icing colour
  • Pre-prepared buttercream frosting

Are you bored with chocolate eggs? Maybe you're even over having hot cross buns for every meal? Either way, why not make these cute & creative bunny biscuits instead for your Easter baking? 

The perfect way to keep little hands busy over Easter, these cookies are easy to make and even tastier to eat! If you've been searching far and wide for Easter baking ideas, these creative bunny cookies are not only fun to create, but can be an activity for all ages.

We know all there is to know about Easter sweets, and by making these we can guarantee you'll be more popular than the Easter bunny himself!


  1. We recommend making your favourite cookies (using your own recipe) a day in advance. Roll them out and use a bunny cutter to cut out the shapes. Bake and cool the cookies.

  2. Get your fondant and separate it into 4 bowls. Tint the separated fondant (about 100g or 40z) each of the following colours: violet, rose, blue & green. Use a fondant roller to roll out the fondant colours separately. Use pattern embossers to detail different patterns on the fondant sections, then use the bunny cutter to cut the shape for the cookie out of the fondant.

  3. Prepare your favourite buttercream icing from your own recipe. Use a disposable decorating bag with its tip cut off to outline and pipe in the cookies with white icing, leaving a gap around the edge of the cookie. Use a spatula to smooth this.

  4. Then place the cut fondant onto the cookie. For the tails, roll out small, matching colour balls of fondant, flatten them slightly and imprint with a pattern. Use a damp brush to attach the tail to the cookie.

  5. You've finished! So hop to enjoying them with a deliciously rich coffee or a perfectly warm cup of tea. You can also move on to our wider range of Easter recipes!

Creative Bunny Cookies | Easter Baking Ideas | Matchbox


Where can I find more Easter desserts recipes?

We have you covered — find more recipes for Easter & inspiration on our Matchbox Recipe blog! For example, why not try our Blissful Caramilk Easter Brownies? Or better yet, check out our 12 Fun Easter Baking Ideas!

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