- 100ml of yourr favourite bourbon 

- 100ml of sweet vermouth 

- 3 dashes of Angostura bitters 

- 2 dashes of organge bitters 

- Ice 

- Brandied cherries, to garnish 

When you hear the words 'Manhattan' you'd be forgiven for automatically thinking of New York City but since it doesn't look like we'll be allowed to travel anytime soon, this fancy, sour cocktail is as close as we're going to get! 

Invented in the 1880s, this cocktail has stayed pretty much the same since then, with bourbon, vermouth and bitters all combining together to create a party in your mouth. 

That being said, it's time to spice up at-home date nights! 



1. Combine the burbon, sweet vermouth and both bitters in a mixing glass. 

2. Add the ice and stir the drink so it chills and dilutes the taste a little. 

3. Pour the drink into a coupe glass for something a little bit fancy, and garnish it with a cherry.

4. Drink up! 

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