- 2/3 cup brandy 

- 2 tbsp caster sugar 

- 1 orange, sliced 

- 1 lime, sliced 

- 1 apple, cut into thin wedges 

- 750ml bottle pinot noir, chilled 

- 1 tbsp rosewater 

- 125g raspberries 

- 1 cup orange juice, chilled 

- 1 cup ice, crushed 

- 1 cup fresh mint sprigs 

Summer is well and truly on its way and with the hotter temperature comes the need for thirst-quenching refreshments! Can we get a drumroll please?!

Introducing the Ravenously Red Sangria! 

Perfect for outdoor BBQ's, picnics in the park or festive, Saturday night's in, this fruity concoction is bound to delight your tastebuds and complement any nibbles/snacks/meals you serve alongside it. We know you don't need telling twice so get your drink on in 3 easy steps! 


1. Place the brandy and sugar in a large, mixing bowl. Stir until the sugar dissolves. 

2. Add the orange, lime and lemon slices, as well as the apple wedges, to the mixture. Pop it into the fridge and wait 1 hour (FYI, time goes slower if you're watching the clock). 

3. Combine the brandy mixture, wine, rosewater, raspberries, orange juice and ice in a large serving jug. Serve garnished with mint. 

4. Drink up, we can hear the Sangria calling from here....


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