• 3 cups / 700ml canned pineapple juice, chilled
  • 3 cups / 750ml cranberry juice or cocktail mixer, chilled
  • 4 cups / approx. 1.9L ginger ale, chilled
  • 1/2 cup cranberries, fresh or frozen
  • 1/2 lime, sliced thinly
  • Plenty of ice!

Sparkling Cranberry Punch

Fizzy, fruity, and oh-so-fresh! This Christmas punch recipe by Natasha Kravchuk combines pineapple juice, ginger ale, and cranberries with the optional splash of cocktail.

Perfect to be your go-to party punch for serving in your next holiday gathering, this easy two-step summer punch recipe can be brought with you to picnics, Christmas BBQs, or other occasions!

To top it all off, why not serve it to your guests in some stunning Christmas glassware? Now if we're ready to mix, let's set ourselves up for a carefree holiday season.


Recipe via Natasha's Kitchen


  1. In a large pitcher or punch bowl, pour in the pineapple juice, cranberry juice (or mixer!), and ginger ale. Stir together and then add ice.

  2. Add in fresh or frozen cranberries and lime slices for extra zing. Stir gently and serve!

Sparkling Cranberry Christmas Punch | Recipes | Matchbox


What do I use as cranberry juice?

We highly recommend the Mr. Consistent Cosmo Premium Cocktail Mix! It features a perfect blend of sweetness and tartness that would really make this punch shine. You can always do a "ratio test" on your own before committing to the whole batch. If any element of the recipe is too strong, you can always dilute it with water.

Don't worry – this cocktail mixer is vegan and alcohol-free. :)

Otherwise, you can purchase juices mentioned above at the supermarket.

Can I turn this Christmas punch into a cocktail?

If there are no children in your Christmas party, then why not! You can never go wrong with gin - so we recommend that as a first try. Otherwise you can also try a splash of vodka. Again, do a "stir test" to see what ratio tastes best before making the recipe.

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