The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Spring Cleaning | Matchbox 

Spring is right around the corner, and let's face it — our homes could use a little bit of a refresh! 

As a kitchenware retailer, it's no surprise that we at Matchbox truly cherish keeping the kitchen nice & clean — it's one of the most used, most lived-in places of the home if you think about it!

And not only for cooking or cleaning, kitchens are also made for gathering and preparing your everyday meals for the family. In other words, a clean kitchen makes a happy, organised home.

If spring cleaning has your mind pulled to so many different directions, let us help you out. How? Starting with an easy win: Making your kitchen cleaner, and more enjoyable to live & cook in, using these 7 simple steps!


The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Spring Cleaning | Matchbox  

A Kitchen Spring Cleaning Checklist

With 7 quick & easy steps for kitchen cleaning, here is our ultimate guide to set you up for spring cleaning success!


1) Clean around appliances

Before you fret about the stuff you cansee, it's a good idea to look to the crevices of the kitchen we often turn a blind eye to. That's right - we're talking about those bits of food left near the corner of the microwave. If you see it every time you're reheating food, then it's got to go!

The best way to remove dust, grime, and keep the area around your appliances clean is by giving them a thorough wipe with a multipurpose cloth or sponge, such as the White Magic Eco Washing Up Pad. Thanks to its biodegradable bamboo fibers, it's ideal for wiping countertop surfaces as it offers enough bristle to really lift those scraps away.

Don't forget about the corners around and under our appliances, such as the countertop space under our toasters, coffee machines, microwaves, etc.

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2) Wipe surfaces

When it comes to tackling surfaces, making your way top to bottom is always a good idea. We recommend starting from the hard-to-reach surfaces to the easiest to reach.

Give your upper cupboards and shelves a good surface wipe. Even a wipe across the top of your refrigerator. Look for gathered dust on your exhaust fan (chances are, you'll find plenty). Then, you can make your way to eye level — the kitchen counter, the lower cabinets, and lastly the floors.

Don't skip out on the sink area too. No need to worry as stainless steel sinks are incredibly durable and easy to clean. If you find any stubborn stains or food scraps, warm soapy water and a magic eraser sponge will do!


The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Spring Cleaning | Matchbox 

3) Clean out the pantry

If you've been pulling out expired foods from the back of your pantry every couple of months, you need to start doing things differently. So start with a purge: Get rid of spoiled foods, ingredients and produce. Empty the refrigerator or pantry from any questionable cheeses and leftovers too (because trust us, even if Spring weren't starting, you definitely needed to do this anyway).

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4) Reorganise your pantry

Next, we highly recommend investing in some quality storage jars & containers, but not just any container. The main pantry organisation mistakes that people make these days are:

1. Not keeping everything visible

You want a well-stocked pantry, but more important than a full cabinet is a cabinet which contents you can clearly see! If it's out of sight, it's out of mind — if you can't see your food, you will most likely forget it and throw it out well past its expiry date 3-6 months from now.

2. Not optimising their limited space

Consider the measurements of each container you choose to buy and how well they fit into your spaces at home — but also consider how they can accommodate for other containers or vessels to fit into the same space! You don't want a kitchen container that ends up wasting space more than saving it.

What's our best solution?

Out of all the food storage solutions in the market, we truly recommend the OXO Pop Containers. And nope, not only for their easy pop-button lids and huge variety of sizes — but also because their clear visible canisters will truly transform your kitchen. At least it will save you from having to dispose unwanted foods every month of your life.

The OXO Pops come in either sets or loose containers for all sorts of kitchens, and all sorts of uses. You can use them for dry ingredients, stationery, toys and more. Their diverse range of sizes are helpful and versatile to fit into any type of space, giving you plenty of choice. 

Plus, their airtight sealed lids are superb to keep your foods fresh, and when it comes to an easy glance of everything you have stocked in your pantry, their clear canister designs are absolute winners.


7 Simple Steps to Kitchen Spring Cleaning | Matchbox

5) Get a kitchen drawer organiser

Okay.. we need to talk about the kitchen drawers. If you're vowing to give your kitchen a brand new look & feel, that also means saying goodbye to throwing utensils and gadgets into the drawer!

Instead, say hello to cutlery trays and other drawer organisers that will make you & your household's life so much easier. MadeSmart would be our go-to brand for this, thanks to their sleek designs and big range of sizes that can accommodate for drawers big or small.

Also have a look at how you're storing your cookware — if you're finding that they end up with scratches way too soon, it might be in how you're keeping them in your cabinets or shelves. A few pot & pan protectors will help you a long way.


6) Mop the floors

You've made it to the last surface to clean – well done! If you've made your way from the top pantry shelves to the refrigerator to your kitchen drawers, now it's time to tackle the floors.

You know what to do— a quick sweep and a gentle mop and you're on your way! Better yet, give them a spritz of some air fresheners (or even light up a candle) to give it that clean touch.

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7) Fresh new linens!

Last but not least, the best way to top off all your hard work of cleaning the kitchen? Giving it a final fresh look! Our favourite way to do this is to get freshly laundered, new kitchen linens to decorate with.

You can opt for a new pack of kitchen towels, oven mitts, don a new stunning apron for when you're cooking. Savour your space and enjoy your time in the kitchen & home you've worked so hard to refresh and clean!




How do you keep your home in tip top shape for Spring? While you're here, take a look at the space-saving OXO Pop Containers to start off your organising journey.

Happy spring cleaning.


With love,

The Matchbox Team

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