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So you may know all about finding the best quality knives... You may also have read all the articles on how to properly sharpen & care for them... But did you know that how you store your knives is just as important as how you sharpen them?

Today, we're taking you through three most important things you need to know about storing knives. Including knife storage solutions that won't damage your blades but will keep them razor sharp!

Top 3 Knife Storage Tips to Keep Knives Sharp

1. Store in a dry, clean area

Is your knife set placed near your sink? Do you place your knives anywhere near the kettle? If so, it's best to move them away — keeping knives at a dry area that does not risk becoming damp is critical to preventing rust, stains, or corrosion on the blades. (And yep, the steam coming out of your boiling kettle counts as moisture too.)

If you normally opt for a knife block, ensure that its material could trap out moisture, such as coated wood, glass or stainless steel.

2. No dishwashers please!

For ultimate care, we always recommend hand washing your knives, and then drying them thoroughly (and safely) with a towel before storing them back. Dishwashers involve a lot of heat, water, and (potentially harsh) detergents, and these aren't exactly knife-friendly.

Avoid leaving them in the sink, too — it's good to make a habit of cleaning your knife immediately after use to keep them away from all that moisture.

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3. Think twice about the cutlery drawer

If you're used to throwing your knives into the drawer with the rest of your cutlery or utensils — without a designated slot or knife organiser — you may be damaging your knives without realising.

For one, blades coming in contact with other surfaces is one of the quickest ways for them to get dull. Not to mention all that friction in the drawer may cause scratches or abrasions on your precious knives. If you must, use protective knife guards, or a designated drawer organiser for knives.


How to Store Knives & Keep Them Sharp | Matchbox

So What is the Best Way to Store Knives?

Caring for your knives isn't just a matter of sharpening them well, but storing knives also play an essential part in keeping them in tip top shape. Finding the best knife storage method doesn't have to be difficult — it all depends on what suits you and your household best!

Global Hikaeme In-Drawer Cutlery Set | Matchbox

1) In-Drawer Cutlery Set

Pros: ✓ Keeps knives out of reach ✓ Organised ✓ Safe & secure

Great for: ✓ Living with children or pets

Out of all storage options, many people love organising their knives in-drawer. It's the safest option to keep your razor sharp knives out of reach from children or pets. Drawer inserts like the Global Hikaeme In-Drawer Knife Set, for example, is a great option to fit your knives into your drawer storage with ease.

The name Hikaeme translates to "discreet" in Japanese, so this beechwood unit is cleverly designed with safety in mind. They even come with etched printed words of what each knife is, with hollowed shapes underneath the handles for you to easily pull out the one you need. This protects the blade from touching other tools in your kitchen drawer, and protects your hands too!

Alternatively, you can try a plastic knife edge guard such as the Global Universal Knife Guards, which can work on a variety of knife sizes and cost way less.


Global Teikoku 5 Piece Knife Block Set | Matchbox

2) Knife Blocks

Pros: ✓ Displays knives on countertop ✓ Keeps knives easy to reach

Great for: ✓ Home cooking enthusiasts, professional chefs, and anyone who needs a set of kitchen knives

Storing kitchen knives in a knife storage block is definitely the go-to option for many home chefs. Not only because they are stunningto look at, but knife blocks are often specifically designed for that knife set in particular. In terms of the best knife block, we highly recommend the 5-star-reviewed Global Teikoku Knife Set, which keeps each knife blade apart from each other, which means they stay dry and moisture-free.

If you're looking to take a step up in showing off your impressive knife collection, but a magnetic knife block gives you the best of both worlds. The Global Takumi Walnut Knife Block, for example, serves as a gorgeous wooden knife display which we think can impress any guest that walks into your kitchen space. Their simple, sleek design also makes them easy to clean without any hard-to-reach knife slots.


 Avanti Magforce Magnetic Knife Rack | Matchbox

3) Magnetic Knife Strip

Pros: ✓ Displays each individual knife without sacrificing counter space 

Great for: ✓ Those who own loose knives of various brands & sizes!

While countertop knife blocks are gorgeous, if you're working within a smaller space, you might find a challenge of showcasing your set of knives in a space-saving way.

A wall mounted magnetic knife rack does just that. If you don't mind a tiny bit of DIY, ones like the Avanti Magforce Magnetic Rack will work wonders for your kitchen. Want to see how they look like in person? We also have the well-loved ChefTech Walnut Magnetic Knife Racks in 14 Matchbox stores — one of which might be near you!

They work as wall mounted magnetic strips that allow you to have your knives in reach, in sight, yet still saves counter space. It also doesn't limit you to committing to a whole knife set in one go — you can flexibly build your knife collection with a variety of brands and sizes depending on your needs. 

Being able to see all your knives in one glance is also helpful for picking up the right one whilst you're cooking away! That's a win for the multi-tasking home chef, we think.



So remember, store safely and slice away! You can find more of our knife storage solutions online or in stores at Matchbox, with FREE Shipping Australia wide when you spend over $69 online.


Happy cooking!

The Matchbox Team

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