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Ever felt hesitant to pull out your shiny new knives, scared that you might damage it, hurt yourself, or "use up its sharpness?" Well we're here to help you out.

Let's say you found a Global knife set on sale, or someone got it for you as a gift. We bring the beautiful chef's knives home but then we're too scared to wear and tear it! Why? Because we just need a proper guide on how to take optimal care of our precious Japanese knives.

Global is well-known for their high end quality Japanese stainless steel blades, each calibrated to a weighted seamless handle perfect for the master chef at home. But this also means Global knives need proper care to maintain their longevity!

Here are our top tips on how to care for your Global knife, so that you can enjoy it for a long time and produce stunning results as you cook away.


4 Tips on How to Care for Global Knives

How to store Global knives

When it comes to storing your Global knives — if you bought them loose and not in a knife block set — your options vary. Some prefer magnetic racks, especially if they're looking to curate a knife collection. Some use knife guards, others keep their kitchen knives in a knife block to avoid any accidents.

Knife blocks are a great way to still showcase your knives on the countertop while keeping it out of reach from small children. In-drawer storage can also be a great solution, such as the Global Hikaeme In-Drawer Cut Set, so it's even further out of sight, plus it can stay in your drawer neatly!


Hand wash immediately after use

It is recommended that you wash your Global knives by hand, and to wash them immediatelyafter use. (That's right! No dried food scraps on the blade please!) Even though Global's quality stainless steel knives are resistant to rust or corrosion, it's still best practice to not let your knife sit unwashed by the sink for so long.

To wash a Global knife, use warm soapy water with a mild dishwashing liquid, and gently hand wash from tip to handle — careful not to hurt yourself! After washing, rinse and dry thoroughly with a cloth or towel.


Knife sharpeners vs whetstone: How to sharpen a knife

You probably guessed this step already: Don't forget to sharpen your knives regularly!

To maintain your knives' sharp edge, sharpen them at an angle between 10 to 15 degrees. If it's your first time sharpening knives, you can start from a smaller angle and work your way up incrementally each time you sharpen. Sharpening at these angles results in a thinner edge, which gives you sharper knives, but also, take extra care to avoid any damage.

To assist you in this, Global knives sharpeners are an excellent solution. Designed to make the knife sharpening process easier, they're made with ceramic wheels that are already sitting at the 10 to 15 degree mark, with a safe-to-use design to protect your fingers as you sharpen.

Caring for Your Global Knives | Knife Sharpener vs Whetstone | Matchbox

How do you use a knife sharpener? In the example above, for example, you would want to fill some water into the chamber of your Global MinoSharp 2 Step Ceramic Water Sharpener. The water ensures the ceramic wheels remain clean and do not overheat during sharpening. Holding the knife with your forefinger on the knife, place the blade vertically into the selected stage and move the knife back and forth with slight pressure 7 or 8 times. After sharpening, wash your knife with hot water and dry with a towel, and it's good to go!

Another thing that would help is honing your knife before every use. Using a steel rod, simply start from the bottom tip of your knife's blade touching the steel, and pull your knife downward, making sure the steel is touching the blade from its bottom end of your blade to the very tip. This is the quick and easy way to ensure your knife stays sharp — and if you do it consistently, you won't even have to sharpen your knife more than a few times a year.


Cut on a cutting board

Japanese knives retain their razor sharp edge because they have a thin blade. Therefore, knives last the longest if they are consistently used on surfaces that are meant to be cut, like chopping boards, not on other materials that may clash with them due to its toughness. 

That being said, don't use your knives (especially your chef quality knives!) to cut on the countertop, which are usually made of metal, ceramic, or granite. The cutting board is meant to protect not just your surface, but your knife too.


Caring for Your Global Knives | Tips & Advice | Matchbox

Most Common Questions about Global Knives

Are Global knives dishwasher safe?

One thing you should know about Global knife care is you must not put Global knives into the dishwasher!

A lot of clashing and soaking happens inside a dishwasher — this means even when a knife is dishwasher safe, being placed in that environment can risk blade damage beyond repair. The extreme heat and powerful detergents are also not a good fit for CROMOVA 18 stainless steel, the prime material of Global knives. In addition, the sharp edge of your knife can damage other items in your dishwasher or vice versa.

We seriously recommend always hand washing your Global knives, which saves you time and keeps the life span of your premium knives!

Are Global knives good?

Matchbox is proud to be one of the Global knife stockists in Australia. Up to this day, Global knives uphold a high standard for everyday kitchen knives thanks to their high quality materials and designs that combine innovation and tradition.

Made from CROMOVA 18 stainless steel, ice tempered and hardened to Rockwell C56-58, every piece in our collection of Global knives offer ultra sharp blades, optimally balanced handles to offset the weight of the blades, and smooth, seamless contoured designs for unmatched safety and hygiene, eliminating the risk of food or dirt being trapped.

So are they any good? We think so, but if you don't want to take our word for it: Choose one of your own and see it in action!

The Global knife range now includes more than 50 different options, including cooks or chefs knives, paring knives, bread knives, and so many more. There is a professional knife for every function possible, and we also house a range of Global knife sharpening tools, knife guards, and other knife accessories to complement your set, kitchen, and home.

Wait no longer — once you know how to care for knives, rest assured your chef quality knife sets will be maintained longer. Find your brand new Global knife online or in-stores today at Matchbox, with FREE Shipping on all orders over $69, as well as quick, easy, and free Click & Collect at your nearest Matchbox store. 

Shop your Global knives, knife sets, and knife accessories today.

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