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When you choose your first Scanpan, we want you to choose with confidence — and whether it's a cookware set or an Impact frypan you decide, we want you to bring it home with confidence too!

So if you're ready to be a master home chef in the kitchen using this premium quality cookware, here is all you need to know about the well-loved Scanpan cookware.


What is Scanpan made of?

Scanpan cookware is made of 100% recycled cast aluminium, which is the material behind quick & even heat distribution.

One of their newest ranges, Scanpan Classic Induction, is made of exclusive Stratanium nonstick coating. What is Stratanium coating? Resulted from 10 years of research & development by Scanpan, Stratanium is a multilayer coating that offers a 30% improved non-stick effect – improved in food release, hardness, and long-lastingness or durability. And don't worry — all Scanpan non stick pots and pans are PFOA free.

Similarly, the Scanpan Impact pairs aluminium with 18/10 stainless steel walls and a stainless steel protector around its base, producing highly durable cookware (some with tempered glass lids).

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Is Scanpan dishwasher safe?

Short answer is yes, they are. In fact, they are built to withstand high heat. However, they already give such effective food release that you might not need to make the dishwasher your go-to. Especially because the Classic Induction doesn't come with rivets or screws, dedicated to making clean up easier.

For cookware care, we generally recommend you hand wash with warm soapy water instead!


Where is Scanpan made?

Scanpan was one of the first cookware manufacturers to produce environmentally friendly, high-quality cookware to the market. The brand started as (and still is) a Danish family-owned business based in Ryomgård, Denmark.

The company's success led to exporting to over 45 countries worldwide such as the USA, including extending their manufacturing of Scanpan products. All of Scanpan's non-stick cookware was made in Denmark, while Scanpan's stainless steel cookware, such as the Impact, are made in China under Danish regulations.


All Your Scanpan Questions, Answered | Matchbox

Can my Scanpan go in the oven?

Yep! The stainless steel Scanpan Impact is oven safe for up to 220ºC, while the non stick counterparts such as the Scanpan Classic Induction are oven safe for up to 260ºC. 


Is Scanpan induction safe?

Good news for the home chefs with induction stovetops – all the pieces in our curated Scanpan collection are induction suitable! We supply the latest Classic Induction, but also the Scanpan Impact, which is known for their induction safe stainless steel pieces. 

Other Scanpan ranges may not be, but rest assured our Scanpan cookware are induction compatible – and selected by our team of experts.


How to Clean Scanpan Cookware

Our top tips for cleaning Scanpan cookware is the same across all our premium cookware brands: Hand washing.

Don't underestimate what hot soapy water can do — it really does help release burnt on foods from most steel or non stick pans and pots. But if your cookware has lasted many years in your kitchen and you miss its original 'brand new' shine, the Scanpan Steel & Copper Cleaner has you covered. Its non-scratch and odour-free properties is designed to help you keep everything from cookware, utensils, to ceramic cooktops in tip top shape!

Avoiding harsh scourers or super abrasive cloths is also a good way to ensure your cookware lasts longer. Remember to dry your cookware thoroughly before storing them into the cabinets. 

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Scanpan FAQ: Your Cookware Questions Answered

What is the best Scanpan range?

We'll let the reviews speak for itself – the prize for our best-selling Scanpan range goes to the Classic Induction. They are ideal for both professionals and amateurs, thanks to their great heat conductivity and newly improved Stratanium non-stick coating.

But don't get us wrong, the Scanpan Impact has also gathered their own 5 star reviews on some top favourite products. The strengths of Scanpan Impact include a heavy duty stainless steel construction, which can only mean one thing: They're exceptionally durable and long-lasting.

At Matchbox, we carefully choose cookware brands so you don't have to. These two curated Scanpan ranges are suitable on all cooktops including induction. Whether you opt for stainless steel or nonstick, each have their own attractive properties.

Where can I find Scanpan cookware?

So is Scanpan a good brand? Well, we'll let you decide. If you're into eco-friendly manufacturing, reliable heat distribution, research-backed coating surfaces and customer-approved cookware longevity, then Scanpan is for you.

You can find our stunning Scanpan ranges online or in stores. With Matchbox, all orders over $69 are eligible for FREE Shipping Australia wide. Plus, you can also order any available kitchen equipment online and easily pick up in store with our Click & Collect service.


Happy cooking! 

The Matchbox Team

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