If you want the right appliances to make good quality coffee then you want Bodum. Aiming to bring high-quality coffee and tea solutions to your household, Bodum's innovative designs come at a competitive and affordable price that you'll be sure to love. Originating in Denmark, this company started with focusing on how to get the best coffee every time but has now expanded further into kitchen and household products.

Dedicated to delivering products that are super functional, whilst keeping on eye on sustainability and environmental responsibility, this brand is now synonymous with the iconic coffee press and grinder. Now you can bring out the best flavour of your favourite specialty coffee beans by grinding them to perfection! Rather than slicing them, this grinder crushes them, keeping your coffee extremely flavourful every time and never tasting better!

Whether you're enjoying a coffee alone with a good book or as an accompaniment to a catch-up with friends, good coffee starts with Bodum. Shop online or in-store today.

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