Cristal d'Arques

Bring a touch of ‘le chic’ to every day thanks to Cristal d’Arques Paris. Made in France since 1968, Cristal d’Arques introduces high quality, lead-free crystalline glassware, through its three timeless French styles, Lady Diamond, Rendez-Vous, and Macassar.

Featuring in the Rendez-Vous line, you can now impress your guests by serving side dishes in impossibly beautiful small bowls! Deep cut and multi-faceted, these pieces are designed to capture and reflect the light, perfectly balancing subtlety and sophistication with the strength and performance of high-quality crystalline.

Deceivingly durable, so you can enjoy your glassware for many years to come, and extremely innovative, each piece brings classic design and luxury of another era into the modern home. Shop in-store or online today!
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