Royal Leerdam

Offering elegant, functional and crystal-clear glass tableware, Royal Leerdam is a brand you can count on to offer glassware for every occasion. From throwing a party to having dinner with friends in a more casual setting, their range will suit your every need and is also guaranteed to make an instant visual impact. 

For almost two centuries, Royal Leerdam has been one of the leaders in the industry with its dedication to high-quality, stylish yet functional glassware. What originally started as a specialisation in stemware, this company uses a unique production technology in order to constantly develop new products and make consumers happy.

 There is a range of shapes and sizes to choose from so you can be sure there is a Royal Leerdam set of glasses for everyone! How about purchasing some whisky glasses to suit your favourite whisky variety? Made from soda-lime glass, the Artisan Whiskey Glasses 4 Piece Set - 280ml is equal parts sophistication and durability. Cleaning is simple, these tumblers go straight in the dishwasher. Whether it is a gift for a friend, or for yourself, these glasses come beautifully gift boxed and are good to go. 

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